Written by  :  Ingsoc (1299)
Written on  :  Feb 14, 2014
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars

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The best game in the series

The Good

The high quality writing and was always the strongest side of the Blackwell series and Blackwell Deception is no different, however in the past games the plot was limited to investigation individual cases of ghosts until you send them to their way in the next world, while this basic plot line still exist in Deception it's integrated into a bigger plot. Another change from the previous game is that the main plots has a personal link to the two protagonists of the game, this true especially for Joey – since this game is the first we get some glimpses to his life before he die and became the Blackwell women spirit guide.

Another plus of Deception is that the game itself has more meat to it, this is the first Blackwell game with a reasonable length of gameplay, unlike the previous ones which were extremely shorts and could be completed in several hours.

Just like all the previous games the puzzles are mainly base on detective work and keeping a close attention to the various conversations and notes during the game, some of them require to activate the grey cells to solve them but their never illogical or purposely hard.

There were some improvement in the game graphics, it now presented with much better looking personal portraits of the speaking characters, with a more cartoonish look to them in contrast to the pixelated ones of the previous games.

The Bad

Despite the improvement of the character portrait art I felt that in all other areas the quality of the art went backward from Blackwell Convergence, the background, animation and character look more crude and less smooth and resemble more to the two first games than the high quality of the third.

The Bottom Line

Blackwell Deception is the finest part in the Blackwell series so far, its contain all of the good qualities of the previous games while improving most of the weak spots in the series other games.