The Blackwell Legacy Credits


Written byDavid L. Gilbert
Coding byDavid L. Gilbert
Character ArtIan Schlaepfer
Background ArtTom Scary, Chris Femo
Concept ArtistMatt Gardener
MusicPeter Gresser
Photos Drawn byEyal Jammer
Marketing AdvisorDavid Rodriguez
Game Engine byChris Jones
Fading Things ModuleMonkey_05_06
Multiresponse ModuleAndrew MacCormack
Beta TestersAndrew MacCormack, Dylan Downing, Oded Sharon, Steve McCrea, Winston Smith, Matt Gardner, Bernie
VoiceoversSande Chen (Rosangela Blackwell), Abe Goldfarb (Joey Mallone), Chen-Young Hsu (Alli Montego/Kelly Hawthorne), Jennifer Estaris (Susan Lee), Thomas Tucker (Adrian Tucker), Ruth Weber (Nishanti Sharma), Joe Rodriguez (Dr. Quentin), Francisco Gonzalez (Hospital Guard), John Swist (The Deacon), Matt Gardner (Jim Burdo), David L. Gilbert (The Demon), Dave Dodson (Bob), Cooper Kaplan [Moti]
Special ThanksMatthew Hawkins, Kim Lee, Amanda Finch, Shane Stevens, Oluseyi, Klaus Schlichter, The QT Crew, NYC IGDA, Mom and dad, Greg Costikyan, Eleanor Lang, Bill Folsom, Scott, Brandon Van Slyke, AGS Community, Wade Tinney, Coffee [lots of it]

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (424591)