The Blackwell Legacy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The game's timeframe is two days.
Rosangela has trouble entering her own apartment.
Your neigbour, Nishanti Sharma, plays music in the park.
Conversation with dialogue options shown.
This physician looked after your aunt.
Investigate letters to unravel the past.
Inside Rosangela's apartment, with the inventory shown.
One of the many pictures you can examine.
Inside the student's dorm
Use your notebook during conversations, or to combine clues.
Kelly is not very eager to cooperate.
Doodles can tell a lot about personalities.
The map used to travel to different locations.
Susan is haunted by a spirit called The Deacon.
A lost ghost in Washington Park
Joey has had it with The Deacon.
Confrontation with a demon
Character art shown in the game.
Main menu
Saying goodbye to your aunt
Main title
Game options
Washington Square Park
Looking for a way to get attention of dog's owner
Talking to the hospital guard
Feeding the dog
Looking at the photo of JoAnn and her friends
Fainting is going to become a regular occurrence for Rosangelina
In the park at night, about to undertake your first ghostly customer
Joey teaching you about the basics of your new work as a medium
Looking for clues about the ghost's identity
You can talk to Joey only in private where there are no witnesses
Pretending to be on the phone so you can talk to Joey without sounding suspicious
Asking Joey about the hospital he spent his last 25 years at
Picture of you and your aunt just uncovered additional info
Nishanti's cooking a dinner
Joey's tie let you help ghosts reach their destination
End of the road
Returning from walking the dog
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship