Related Web Sites

  • 3D Gamers (Blade downloads at 3D Gamers)
  • Bigtruck's pages (Fan made website (English and French))
  • Blade Forever (A Spanish download page)
  • Blade Mods (Hosts many of the mods that have been created for the game as well as information on developing your own mods for Blade.)
  • Blade of Darkness (Publisher's Blade of Darkness page)
  • Blade Resources (For those interested in designing levels for Blade)
  • Blade Universe (Contains resources and information about Blade of Darkness, although some of the links have been renamed and no longer work.)
  • BoD Arena (Forums dedicated to Blade of Darkness)
  • FilePlanet (Blade downloads at FilePlanet)
  • IMDb (IMDb website for the game)
  • Severance D20 (Background for an adaptation of Blade to D20 RPG system)

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