Written by  :  Lord Matthias (18)
Written on  :  Apr 11, 2002
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Awesome adventure game, somewhat excessive amounts of gore.

The Good

This game is one of the best action/adventure games ever in my opinion. I would be just another average game, but the cool weapon selection, large number of enemy types, and large maps is where Blade of Darkness shines. I thought a cool feature was that after you hack off an enemy limb, you can then use it as a weapon (even the heads)!

The Bad

This game can be quite difficult at times, and I never fully completed it, but other than that, this game stands as a terrific game.

The Bottom Line

If you like medieval fantasy gaming, and are looking for a change of pace from the typical Forgotten Realms game, this is for you. Some players may be scared off by the incredible amounts of blood and gore (when you slice off an enemy limb, blood squirts out and realistically pools on the ground), but I did not find this to be a setback in any way. If you liked RUNE, you should definately try this game.