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Windows version

In a dwarven mine, you encounter some horrors. Notice the excellent light/shadow engine.
"The moon shall be tainted with blood..."
The Sword of Light is corrupted and becomes the Blade of Darkness
Character selection - the Amazon
Character selection - the Knight
Load Screen always shows the barbarian
Sargon, the knight, begins the adventure in prison, betrayed
Zoe, the amazon, begins raiding an ancient temple
Tukaram, the barbarian, travels to Kashgar, land of ancestors, to find it cursed
Naglfar, the dwarf, visits the library of Khazel Zalam to seek wisdom, but the city has already fallen
This game is specially well known for its gore
You can paint the scenarios in red
You can hit your enemies with their limbs
And there is always time to enjoy a bloodbath
Blade was also well known for its wonderful (and resource consuming) shadows
And for the water effects as well
Torches can be used to put crates on fire
Keys are mandatory to advance in any level (specially if between golems)
Traps are one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of Blade
Each character has his/her own special combat moves
And each weapon has its own power move
Fighting back with a bow
Shields protect against weapons and arrows
A fire golem holding one of the four keys that open Ianna's temple
One of the six hidden runes needed to unleash Ianna's sword's real power (and to open the real ending)
An angry orc general
A dark knight with his minotaur pet
Ogres are fast and strong, but get exposed after attacks
The vampire is a tricky enemy
Fire demons are weaker than they look like
Chaos knights are slow, but have devastating attacks
Frair the dwarf was the first hero of Ianna, he hid the runes
The dwarf mines of Kelbegen
The Duke's castle in the fortress of Tell Halaf
The island of Karum is guarded by a dragon
The fortress in the oasis of Nejeb, of Arabic inspiration
Tortured prisoners in the forge of Xshathra
The Hero's path to retrieve the sword
Finally, I'm worthy of Ianna's Sword!
The Sorcerer is the last obstacle between the Hero and the child of Angra Manyu
Destiny awaits into the ABYSS...