Blair Witch, Volume II: The Legend of Coffin Rock Credits


ProgrammingMatthew Sweeney
Art DirectorRowan Atalla
Business Director/Project LeadTimothy S. Gerritsen
Level DesignRowan Atalla, Mike Flynn, JP LeBreton
AnimationDavid Gulisano, Brett Hawkins
Environmental TexturesBrian Frank, Eli Quinn
Character Modelling and TexturesDavid Gulisano, Brett Hawkins
Additional ModellingBrian Frank
Concept ArtDavid Gulisano, Brett Hawkins, Greg Marshall
ManualWilliam Haskins
PR SupportTimothy S. Gerritsen, Tricia Harris, Chad Savage
Marketing SupportTimothy S. Gerritsen, Tricia Harris, Chad Savage
Audio Direction and ProductionMichael Larson
Sound EffectsMichael Larson
MusicMichael Larson, Rom Di Prisco, Psychonut Productions, haloblack
VoiceoversPaul Bentzen, Lee Ernst, Debra Glick, Michael Harold, Michael Skewes, Philbin deGot
Voice ScriptTimothy S. Gerritsen
Script CleanupWilliam Haskins
Audio AssistantSae Choon Chung
Licensing / PRMike Wilson
ProducerJoshua Galloway
PRLori Mezoff, Andrea Schneider, Jeff Smith
International PartneringHarry A. Miller IV
MarketingJim Bloom, Toni DeValdenebro, Jennymarie Jemison, Mike Wilson, Devin Winterbottom
SalesDavid Gershik
Audio Visual ProductionDoug Myres
CheckwriterRick Stults
Senior EditorWilliam Haskins
Online SupportJordan Allen, Ian Armstrong, Dave Cash, Mike Donahue, Scott Dudley, Scott Farrell, Bill Nadalini, Jerry Wolski
QA/Tech SupportRich Vos
AdministrativeJoanna Carr-Brown
Gathering of Developers TestersJason Birdwell, Jerrod Lai, Shane Love
Thanks for all the great material toHaxan, Artisan
Human Head TestersDan Baker, Seth Johnson, Brandi Quamme, Travis Soumis
Manual and all Packaging designed byHead First

Co-Published by Take 2 Interactive

ProducerMichael Wenn
Executive ProducerDarren Anderson
PREmma Rush, Manab Roy, Sarah Seaby
MarketingEmma Rush, Manab Roy, Sarah Seaby
ProductionJon Broadbridge, Chris Madgwick

Tested by Tarantula Studios

QA SupervisorMark Lloyd
Lead TesterAndrew Mason
TestersJulian Turner, Chris Brown, Robert Dunkin

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10040) and formercontrib (159702)