Blair Witch: Volume III - The Elly Kedward Tale Credits


Character ArtBeau Anderson
Interface ArtRobert M. Atkins
Sound DesignZak Belica
Music DesignZak Belica
InstallerJoel Braby
Character ModellingBen Fator (Goos)
AnimationBen Fator (Goos)
AI ProgrammerEric Fowler
Game DesignJon Galloway
Art DirectorJon Galloway
Project ManagerJon Galloway
3D ArtPete Hayes
ScriptingReid Kimball, Christopher A. Stockman
Environmental ModellingTravell McEntyre
Lead ProgrammerSteven Peeler
3D Environment Design and ModellingMichael Porter
Concept ArtKevin Steele
Game DesignChristopher A. Stockman
CEO Ritual EntertainmentRon Dimant
Director of Development Ritual EntertainmentMark Dochtermann
Installer Artwork Ritual EntertainmentDarrin Hart
Dialogue Script Gathering of DevelopersWilliam Haskins
Manual Gathering of DevelopersWilliam Haskins

Co-Published by Gathering of Developers

LicensingMike Wilson
PRMike Wilson, Lori Mezoff, Andrea Schneider, Jeff Smith
ProducerJoshua Galloway
Int. PartneringHarry A. Miller IV
MarketingJim Bloom, Mike Wilson, Devin Winterbottom, Jennymarie Jemison, Toni DeValdenebro
SalesDavid Gershik
AV ProductionsDoug Myres
Senior EditorWilliam Haskins
Online‑HelpJordan Allen, Mike Donahue, Ian Armstrong, Jerry Wolski, Scott Dudley, Scott Farrell, Bill Nadalini, Dave Cash
QA/Technical SupportRich Vos
AdministrationJoanna Carr-Brown
TesterJason Birdwell, Shane Love, Jerrod Lai

Co-Published by Take 2 Interactive

ProducerMichael Wenn
Executive ProducerDarren Anderson
PREmma Rush, Manab Roy, Sarah Seaby
MarketingEmma Rush, Manab Roy, Sarah Seaby
ProductionJon Broadbridge, Chris Madgwick

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) and formercontrib (159537)