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Written by  :  666gonzo666 (61597)
Written on  :  Feb 20, 2014
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
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Cruel parody... and super funny game in "Metal Slug" Style.

The Good

The game has an interesting idea for a story - Smurfs killed Gargamel. Meanwhile, two balls of steel decided to avenge him. They now massacre Smurfs, Pokemon, rainbow teddy bears .... There is also the bosses - such as Papa Smurf - which help the Smurfs look like terminators, and hurling energy as Son-Goku from Dragon Ball. Also, and further are successive, like a teddy bear-Jedi

Game is Platform shooter, similar to Contra or Metal Slug. High-speed nature of the game, the mass of enemies, and a lot of blood - that when it can be expected. If you love fast action games, you'll be delighted. Primary weapon, fast carbine has infinite ammo, but its firepower "does not knock." However, some killed opponents leave the guns. Machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower - it's fun. Players have a special weapon - a raid of cows, which in practice purifies the battlefield.

The game, even though it has quite a few years, it looks pretty nice. A large merit in this same style graphics (made like cartoon). So, most of the enemies, occurs in its natural environment. By the way, the animation of the game is at a great level.Sound & Music is on a high level - fast music, good sound of gunfire, etc. I do not have too much what to coif, even if I wanted to.

The Bad

"Just to be able to fault anything". Too high a level of difficulty - as an arcade game with just a few coins.. Multiplayer is cooperation on a single computer. Cool and nicely, (even theoretically) it should be possible to play over the network. the game could have more weapons. It's all the little things do not affect the assessment of the game.

The Bottom Line

The game, as freeware is very good, and the gameplay beats many modern production that have "great graphics", but does not have to offer anything more. On the other hand, do not be fooled colorful graphics, and do not let this game to some younger cousin, because the level of brutality here is really high. Well, unless you encourage him to brutal life, but that's your business. Ave!