Blitzkrieg 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The game also has an encyclopedia about the WW2 units available in the game.
Video options screen.
You can play an United States, German or Soviet campaign.
U.S. troops are defending the beach against a Japanese invasion.
German infantry under attack by Soviet tanks.
Bombardment through a group of He-111 bombers
Those light tanks are no threat at all.
And luckily, the game always keeps the two recent quick saves, together with auto saves.
Damn RAF fighter. I don't have AA defenses.
Deploying my Fallschirmjäger (german elite infantry).
The Fallschirmjäger have an interesting feature, they can camouflage themselves and get nearer the enemy.
Using the elite infantry "binoculars" (while in covert) to spot the enemy.
Selecting the next battle screen. To the right there is the available army branches and upgrades. For the chosen battle I'll have to defend.
Oops! Some of my tanks entered a mine field. I'll need an engineering team to clean that up.
Between some battles you are presented with a historic review of what was happening in reality.
Following the Africa campaign, you go to the Eastern front. We start by capturing the "juice" required to move the army.
Just by exploring the map, I found a secret objective. A heavy tank known as "Tiger I".
Escorting the train with an extremely important cargo. If it is destroyed, mission over.
Each map loading screen shows you the objectives, an aerial view of the map and a "famous quotation".
Using my "21 cm Nebelwerfer 42" rocket launchers to clean those trenches.
Assigning officers to command each army branch. The medium tanks are veteran, so they have the full tactics, which are very useful in combat.
What the hell is that!?