The Blob! Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main game screen
The blob hardly receives a heart-warming welcome (introduction)
Start of the game with some instructions (Dutch version)
In the beginning, there is no colour in the city at all.
The blob has been hit by the I.N.K. police and everything is painted black until it is washed off in water.
There, clean again
The church has been coloured, there is still a lot of work to do.
Some landmarks require the blob to move over narrow ledges.
Trees and cars can also be painted.
Orange is created by mixing yellow with red.
A brown blob, covered by rainbow sparks.
Landmark completed: the cinema
These clouds can be used to be lifted up, but only when the blob isn't too large.
That's a lot of purple and one happy blob.
Hotel landmark completed.
The level map
A lot of trademarks have been blobified.
There is a bonus coin to the right.
After a while, the view becomes splendid with a real sense of achievement.
The blob leaves behind a trail of the current colour.
I still need to paint these trains.
Black again... I need to find some water or I'll spoil my work.
High scores screen