Blood II: The Chosen - The Nightmare Levels Credits


Project ManagerKaren Burger
Level DesignMark Brown, Ben Coleman, Brennon Reid, Mike Ruete, Bill Vandervoort, Jay Wilson
2d / 3d ArtistsMatthew Allen, Edmon Carreon, Kevin Kilstrom, Eric Kohler, Garrett Price, Brian Waite
EngineersGreg Kettell, Andrew Mattingly, Scott Schlegel
Sound EngineeringJames Ackley, Cassano Thruston, Guy Whitmore
Voice TalentTed D'Arms, Jace Hall, Lani Minella, Michael Shapiro, Stephan Weyte
Quality AssuranceBen Chamberlain, Kelly Kristek, Ryan Mattson, Jonathan Stein
Technical SupportBob Givnin, Benny Kee
ProducerJoel Breton
Director of MarketingEvan Stein
Product ManagerRobert J Ricci
Director of Product Development ServicesMary Steer
Test LeadPatrick McNeil
TestersScott Donaldson, Joe Orr
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
Art/Trafficking ManagerLiz Fierro
Graphic ArtistJill Pomper
Manual EditorPeter Witcher

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10552) and Andrew Mattingly (9)