Blood II: The Chosen Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Cabal soldier
Shots through glass
shooting blindly
the main menu
the famous washing machine scene
gideon in a cut scene
dead bodies in front of me
did! die! die! you big brute.. a soul drudge
the shrikes are hard to kill
come on baby light my fire...a Drudge Lord
3 suits
the temple
in the museum
The so called "The Doctor" of The Cabal..
Caleb and his team "The Chosen"
This is rather ironic, considering a certain game Monolith would make a few years later.
Now, the only thing missing here is Jack Nicholson going "Here's Johnny!"
Strange blood fountain
Uzi in left hand, Uzi in right hand... and enemy has no hope.
Time to grill
Destroy the lock
Blood everywhere in everybody.
Enemy "dance"
Flying meat.
Creature to kill.
Get off my face!