Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Credits


ProducerRosaura Sandoval, Andy Trapani
PC Version developed bySemi Logic Entertainment
Lead ProgrammingKenneth Moore
ProgrammingTim Ryness, The Mystery Man
Graphics / ArtworkJamie Clark, Joseph Kelley, Kevin M. Kutsch, Linda Stapleton
Background / Character / Animation ArtistScott Derby
Quality AssuranceDaniel Hagerty, Anthony Hatch Korotko, Winnie Lee, Emily Moher, Steve Rosenthal, Curtis Shenton, Eric Zala
Additional Graphics / ArtworkJoseph Kelley, Linda Stapleton
Special Thanks ToMatt Mayon, Jacob Moore, Scott Sletner, Glen Thompson
Executive ProducerJon Horsley
DocumentationBelinda M. Van Sickle, Michael Rivera
PlaytestingChristopher Bruno, Rolef Conlan, Doug Leslie, Daniel Miley, Billy Mitchell, C. Matthew Prescott, Sheatiel Sarao
Business‑ and Legal-AdvisorJeffrey M. Zwelling
Production ActivisionJason Kay
Marketing Manager Crystal DynamicsJim Curry
Product‑Marketing‑Manager ActivisionMarc Metis, Henry Siegel
Technical AdvisorCharles Martin
Audio‑ & Video-ManagerMark Miller
Audio‑ & Video-EngineerSteve Papoutsis
Testmanager Crystal DynamicsAlex Ness
Quality Assurance Manager ActivisionDavid Arnspiger
Special Thanks from Crystal Dynamics toMarko Trapani, Marlene Trapani, Quitarita Sandoval Smith, Mark Wallace, Andrew Lacey, Robert K. Dyer, Jonathan Miller, Samson Maciel, Caryn Nadelberg, Kristen Growney, Patrick Bradley, Jean Burrell, Rune Arlidge, Dude, Duquois, All active Caps‑Employees
Special Thanks from Activision toRobert Kotick, Brian Kelly, Mitch Lasky, Lawrence Goldberg, George Rose, All employees of the Studio X-team
LocalizationNathalie Ranson, Jackie Whale

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