Written by  :  Aamir Alavi (5)
Written on  :  Jun 19, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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A dark and moody adventure game with a more mature feel for bloodthirsty fans of the Zelda series

The Good

For anyone who's played the Zelda games, this one will be a treat especially since action/adventures of this sort are rare on the PC. The storyline is intricate and detailed and the ambience of Nosgoth (the gameworld) is suitably dark (I especially liked the way the colored lighting enhanced the moodiness). The voice overs for your character (Kain) also add to the atmosphere. As in the Zelda games your magical and shapechanging abilities and weaponry are steadily expanded as you progress. If you're a fan of vampires then this game will surely appeal to you.

The Bad

Despite the acquisition of new weapons and offensive spells the combat quickly gets repetitive, and since combat is the central focus of the game this could put off a lot of people. Personally, I found the storyline to be the most important factor in keeping me playing till the end. The graphics are also very pixelated and blocky by today's glorious hi-res, true-color standards. Traversing back and forth through the world of Nosgoth can also get tedious (although this is helped somewhat by the teleportation system introduced early in the game). I would have liked the inclusion of more interaction and conversation with the NPCs. Also, you can only save at designated save game points which I found to be annoying since it sometimes meant trudging through already-covered territory upon reloading.

The Bottom Line

Heavy on action and light on dialogue. This is definitely an action-adventure and not an RPG. It is far removed from the generally cutesy atmosphere of the Zelda games. If you can appreciate the twists and turns of the storyline you will definitely want to play through the game. Playing as an anti-hero character is a refreshing change. Anne Rice and Dracula fans, this one's for you.