Solomon's Key for the NES was released in Japan on this day in 1986.

Bloodline Champions (Windows)

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Bloodline Champions Credits

Stunlock Studios Credits

Lead Game DesignPeter Ilves (Ilves)
Lead ProgrammerMartin Magnusson (Shelt)
Art DirectorJohan Aronson (Mr. Bobo)
Project ManagementFredrik Arnell (Hjulle), Peter Ilves (Ilves), Martin Magnusson (Shelt), Tau Petersson (loltroll)
CEOTau Petersson (loltroll)
Game DesignersMartin Magnusson (Shelt), Patrik Strandell (Tibit), Linus Nordgren (Lasthund), Fredrik Öhman
ProgrammersPhilip Ruuska Boquist (Phalanx), Fredrik Haraldsson (Zec), Jimmy Åström (MonsterSmurf), Patrik Strandell (Tibit), Christoffer Thörnqvist (khct), Peter Ilves (Ilves), Rasmus Höök (temps), Karl Bergström (Kae)
ArtistsSrdan Grgic (Gergalanx), Martin Fors (SeismicAssault), Patrik Alvesand (Krax), Rasmus Höök (temps), Johan Wahlbäck (Buckster), Emmy Wahlbäck (Emni)
eSport ManagerJames Harding (2GD)
MusicianDan Heikenberg
Business DevelopmentThe Game Incubator, Gothia Science Park
Additional ProgrammersJohan Bernardson, Anders Davallius (Gafgar)
Additional ArtistsEmmanuel Junglander
Additional MusiciansJohan Ilves, FATHOM Studios LLC

Funcom Credits

ProducerHenning Solberg
Design DirectorLawrence Poe
CEOTrond Arne Aas
COOOle Schreiner
CFOBjørn Toften
CTORui Manuel Monteiro Casais
Vice President, Business DevelopmentNicolay Fr. D. Nickelsen
Vice President, Sales & MarketingMorten Larssen
Sales DirectorIvar Broder Lund Frølich
Director of CommunicationsErling Ellingsen
Junior Communications ManagerJan Birkeland
Operations ManagerTrond Ystanes
Senior System AdministratorPer Kristiansen
Senior System ArchitectTorbjørn Lindgren
Localization ManagerAnaïs Gerber
Quality Assurance ManagerEspen Bakken
Quality Assurance CoordinatorØyvind Jørpeland
Customer Service ManagerEdward J. Walsh III
Billing ManagerAlex Cowan
Senior Tools ProgrammerFellyn Silliman
Special Thanks ToEje Lövgren, William Boquist, Jeffery Hunter, for helping out with US servers in early beta., City Cloud for helping out with EU servers in early beta., Our event volunteers: Noonia, V0odoo, Bykkarn, Programmerarn, Rexas, Stagnation, Puffen, Hydra, Kalimist, RedHot, Tzimisce and Cosy for helping out at live events during beta., The Forum moderators for doing a marvelous job keeping the forums clean., BLGaming for hosting fantastic weekly tournaments., Dreamhack for event support., AlienWare \o/, All the beta testers for doing a great job testing the game.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (121016)