Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Optional Tutorial
At the museum
Christina's studio
Notebook showing hint system (hint not opened)
Carol's research leads her to a church...
... as well as these weird rock formations
The rock formations are called rauks
Jonas is on the phone
The janitor from previous games reappears
Stina has a tobacco shop now (we learn its address here)
A new icon for talking to people
What was Christina hiding?
One of Christina's puzzle boxes
Gerard, Christina's ex-boyfriend
The map, used for travelling between locations
Loading screen shows the location you are travelling to
Background info on the Blue Madonna
That'll be her, then
Michael, who became an artist after his wife died
Norrköping scenery
Quite the collection of adventure games
Somehow this painting seems out of place
Another puzzle box
A letter on the kitchen table