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GameZebo (Nov 29, 2010)
It may be a little lacking as a single-player game, but Blue Toad Murder Files is an experience that’s pretty rare and worth rounding up a couple of friends to play with. The story is well written, the dialog is hilarious and coupled with some great acting, and the puzzles are challenging. It’s a whodunnit that will keep you guessing until the end. Just make sure you figure it out first.
The game certainly has enough wit and humor to stand on its own without stooping to use cheap off color humor. I would like to see sequels to this game in the future, but I believe this game would have a much broader appeal to families if the unnecessary tawdry content were omitted.
GameNorth (Dec 08, 2010)
The episodes also could have been a lot longer in length. All of these issues are easily overlooked in light of the hysterical writing, and there were several moments where I found myself laughing out loud to myself. The art style of the game made me reminisce about the earlier days of Sierra Online, specifically the game Pepper’s Adventures in Time. The characters are all very cartoony and have a very distinctive charm to them and while the graphics aren’t anything to write home about, they fit the light hearted mood very well. Since it is a casual game, it won’t take you long to finish the game in its entirety and it doesn’t offer much replay value but its price point makes it a good buy if only to pass the time for a few minutes here and there.
GameZone (Dec 08, 2010)
Blue Toad Murder Files is a charming murder mystery filled with amusing characters that makes for a great game that everyone can get in on. However, don’t count on an extended vacation in Little Riddle as the non-existent replay value gives little to no reason to go back and do the same challenges, let alone solve the same mystery multiple times.