Bob Came in Pieces Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Bob at work
Introduction to the first chapter
The start of the game
Use the thrusters to move in any direction
Pushing some blocks around
At full speed to move this forward
The first Ship Builder spot
In small areas the camera zooms in automatically.
Fly inside the portal to end the level
Chapter completion screen
There is a medium rocket here.
A dark factory
I will need a lot more power to get this moving.
The Ship Builder screen where you can customize the ship.
Items highlighted in green can be picked up and carried around when the pull beam has been fitted.
Inside a mine
Chapter selection
Burning some bushes with my rockets
Full speed down!
Let's make a large extension to the left.
Get these platforms moving
There is a module hidden there.
Chilly scenes of winter
This machine looks complex.
You cannot cross the green laser beams.
Breaking through some ice blocks
Caught in a wind stream
This looks difficult.
It is hard to fly here.