Boggle Credits

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerChris Down
Associate ProducerJeff Buccellato
Creative DirectorJohn Sutyak
Game DesignersDavid Walls, Chris Down
VP of Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
Associate VP of Product DevelopmentKevin Gillespie
VP of MarketingGary Carlin
Director of MarketingGail L. Steiner
Manager of Inventor RelationsLee McLaughlin
Product ManagerSteven Klein
Creative Services ManagerSteve Webster
LocalizationSamantha Parker
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Quality AssuranceJennifer Kaczor, Jeff Grady, Jeff Kingston
Lead tester‑EuropeRichard Alexander
Special ThanksThomas Dusenberry, Louise McTighe, Kevin Buckner, Michael S. Glosecki, Debbie Shlens, Barry Jafrato, Dana Henry, Kimberly Hannaway, Jennifer Brackett, Tony Moreira, Whitney Grimm, Tracy Kureta


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Third Edition. Electronic version.INSO Corporation

PCA, Inc. - Developer

ProducerDavid Bellino
ArtworkGene Bodio, Phil LeMarbre
Music and SFXJack McMahon
UnknownDharan Mandrayar

Third-i Productions

Lead ProgrammerSteven Pearson
Support ProgrammerTim Mensch
Install ProgrammerTom Mensch

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Debbie Shlens, 30 other games
Dana Henry, 27 other games
Jeff Buccellato, 26 other games
Kevin Buckner, 21 other games
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Richard Alexander, 19 other games
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Kimberly Hannaway, 12 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by deepcut (1867) and formercontrib (159772)