Written by  :  Shin_Akuma (17)
Written on  :  Sep 06, 2005
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The Good

An original concept that mixed two of the most popular genres in gaming. Lots of map to explore, people to meet and weapons to use. Good graphics.

The Bad

BUGS !!! that pretty much covers it, this game is almost unplayable and not even patch 2.0 could fix the endless amount of problems you'll find in this game.

Here are some of the most annoying things you'll encounter :

You can't hear the dialogs even when you drop the music and effects down... I mean what's the point of paying an actor (Arnold Vosloo the guy from "The Mummy") to play the part of the main character if you are not going to be able to hear what he is saying.

The effects are redundant and some like horns from cars that got stuck in traffic are going to drive you mad (I went and killed a driver cause the horn was driving me crazy while I was walking through town)

The cars handling is horrible and you fall through the ground on several trips or get stuck into walls or trees.

Did you ever saw a lightning storm that didn't had any rain? well in boiling point you will... weather effects are buggy as well.

The Bottom Line

I like it when developers try to blend different genres, and Boiling Point wanted to be an FPS/RPG with some driving added into the mix.

The idea of exploring a bogus 3rd world country named "Realia" that (according to the developers) was based on Colombia didn't appeal to me very much and was insulting at best to Colombian people ( FYI : I'm not from Colombia )

Stay away! this was a good idea turned into a nightmare you'll be less frustrated if you try to teach your dog how to read.