Boiling Point: Road to Hell Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro. Your daughter is in danger...
Nice, deceptively calm loading screen
The protagonist: ex-soldier Saul Myers travels to Realia to investigate the disappearance of his daughter Lisa
Realia is huge, so we go around by car. Realia is also dangerous: There are frequent gunfights on the roads
Drivers on Realia's streets are not exactly smart. Here, our battered van blows up in front of Puerto Sombra's police station because a passing vehicle bumped into it. Repeatedly
The natives are friendly. Or rather not. These guerrillas don't appreciate our cooperation with the local military. And that we just blew up their truck depot
Cool light effects. Looking at the statue in the city center of Puerto Sombra. Talking on the cellphone at the same time
First-person driving can be interesting. Something is happening over there at the gas station...
I haven't even started the main missions - just went for a dive and hacked some cool fishes with my knife. Only truly great games let you have such fun no matter what you do
You can talk to any person in this huge game. Some dialogues are rather generic, like with this simple seller on the jungle road...
...while many others are surprisingly personal and well-written in a quirky, yet expressive fashion - like this bit of life wisdom from an old lady in Puerto Sombra
My low-level character (check out the funny attribute descriptions) got killed and resurrected in this hospital
Crossing a majestic bridge while driving a bus! You can earn money like this, but it'll test your patience - the route is very long
Hey there, stranger! What can I do you for?
This vehicle feels very personal... and I feel really bad, because I just killed its owner for no other reason but to have it
Old streets of Pueblo Faro. Clothes are hanging just like in Shanghai...
The taxi is a very convenient way of transportation - but you'll need money, lots of it. Showing the map of the region as well - it's way larger than it looks
Engaging in a suprisingly long and interesting conversation about economical systems and politics with this guerilla leader!
Pueblo Faro, city center. Pity you can't enter that imposing structure in the middle. Or at least I couldn't find a way
You've found a dead body in the hospital! Search it! Alternatively, kill random people and search their bodies too! Because you can!..
Police headquarters with interesting photos - and a caption untranslated from the original Russian ("sought by the militia"). Check out the other policeman - he is yawning!..
Yes, you can use public payphones. Call people. Why, you feeling lonely, Saul? Me too, my friend. Me too...
Two identical people with identical hats are reading identical newspapers. Communism seems to be dangerously strong here, indeed...
Generic set of questions during a dialogue with an impressively-looking citizen. Behind, note the realistic animation of the boy
This motel might not be the best you've ever seen - but at least the owner appreciates art!..
Oh, my! Once you get into rich people's houses, you'll discover lavish decorations!
A melancholic scene. It's just me, alone, at night, on this strange, almost surrealistic path to the lighthouse. A lonely bird is flying by... I love such unscripted moments in games
Ouuuuuch... Okay, okay, I killed this innocent guy with my new revolver. But I swear, I didn't put the pole on him! It's the game! Really!..
Entertainment. Yeah. That's right. Maybe you should focus on your quest, Saul?..
Scenic view of the guerrilla town Pueblo Faro from the civilian helicopter
Speeding on Realia's rivers by motorboat is the fastest way of travel. And a good means to earn cash: attacking a troop transport
Crashing into a military camp
Advanced transportation: Later in the game, Saul learns to fly military helicopters. And wreak havoc in bases like this one
Maybe it wasn't the best of ideas to rush into the guerrilla headquarter guns blazing. Then again, the CIA needs those secret documents!
Whoa, this factory is alive! Wait - they have a TANK??
Lots of traffic in Realia's sky. Another civil craft circling over Pueblo Faro
Clearing Mafia-invested jungle ruins. This bandito got a little too close for comfort
Military mission: Defend the army base from the air, sink incoming ships with rockets. Nice
Raiding a guerrilla camp. Target: their trucks. Weapon of choice: grenades
A rocket launcher. A guard tower. 'nuff said
Nightly approach to an emerald mine. A mine fiercely fought over by both the guerrillas and the mafia. And we need to find someone in there
Infiltrated a drug laboratory, got found out, had to shoot a lot of people
In the dungeons of some native ruins, in battle with mysterious black-clad gunmen. What are they up to?
Cutscene: Saul arrives just in time to catch the final words of an informer
The security chief has a key that we need. Unfortunately, he also has a shotgun
Strange jungle finds: This happy camper has obviously grown tired of his girlfriend