Bonsai Defense Credits

Bonsai Defense

Created byMate Cziner
As the thesis project for my graduation atMoholy Nagy University of Art and Design [MOME]; Budapest.
ConsutantBela Hegyi
Testing and Additional IdeasBalazs Sandor, Bela Hegyi, Tibor Cziner, Andras Varadi
Support4DROPS Solutions Ltd., Daniel Lozsadi, Robert Lanyi
"Buddha Machine" Music byZhang Jian, Christiaan Virant
"Faraway Music" byTaylor Hayward
Special Thanks toThe Unity3 Team, ELTE BTK, Andras Olah, Zsofia Ruttkay, Simon Verboven, Steven Malliet, Miklos Farkas, Noemi Monus, And everybody who lent me a hand or an ear during development.

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