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Main Menu
Main Menu (English)
Wilbur does what he does best: dream.
Ivo tries to rescue Mortimer.
Loading Screen (with funny messages)
Wilbur comments on the rather old food in the kitchen.
Mortimer gives Wilbur the One Ring. No not that one, the other one...
Wilbur's home: An empty dwarven keep.
Wilbur visits his bedroom.
Wilbur's family. He's the one that doesn't really fit into the picture.
Wilbur suddenly thinks that whole "adventure"-thing over.
That's were the bad guys live but I guess you knew that.
Mortimer has been captured by Mother.
Ivo visits Mortimer's house. Notice the guy on the left.
Showing all hotspots inside Mortimer's house.
This nameless mummy is one of the funniest guy's I've ever met in an adventure.
Solved the riddle and found the book.
Find Wilbur in this picture.
As the dwarven keep, the human cities is also devote of any people.
These two are playing a MMORPG. I think it's called "Reallife" or something.
One ugly city guard.
I always knew it: A monkey controls the server of an MMORPG.
In the pixie caves, Nate finds a talking helmet.