Botanicula Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Introduction sequence where the tree and its inhabitants are shown.
Spider-like creatures invade the tree and steal the seeds.
They are also after the five friends.
The group meets up for the first time.
You need to find a way to lift this creature.
The mushrooms do exactly what you would expect them to do.
Your encounters with other animals are stored as creature cards.
One of the first larger puzzles. You need to retrieve the key near the top of the screen.
A game map shaped as a leaf.
Even though you can only walk on a single plane, the visuals show multiple layers of depth.
One of the animated sequences where the history of the tree is explained.
The scorpion-like creature has a large friend.
Flying to another part of the tree.
Walk inside the mouth.
An attempt to retrieve a key in the water
You won't be passing here.
This genie grants each of you a wish.
The friends are on a ferris wheel.
Discovering the moon
A concerto
The gang is surrounded.
This is the one you will eventually need to defeat.
A grim part of the game; the other creatures are bullied by the invaders.
This animal has lost its three children.
The spider guards the passage to the next area.
Ssst ... it's sleeping.
An elder creature that can tell more about the tree.
A pig-like creature used as a platform.
A puzzle based on guiding water.
Taking a peek.
Another major part of the game where you need to look for fourteen chickens.
The chief explains what the friends need to do.
Ice cave
A game of volleyball
Dive inside
Get the balls out of the way.
More insects infest the environment
A giant ant colony
This is some sort of sorceress.