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Braid (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Braid Credits


A game byJonathan Blow
Graphics byDavid Hellman
Programming of additional visual effects bySean Barrett
Animation Prototypes byEdmund McMillen
Additional Sound Effects byHarry Mack
Helpful BenefactorJeff Roberts
XBLA FacilitationKim Pallister
Accomodation and CateringChris Hecker, Jen Pahlka
Rewind FanaticCasey Muratori
Discussion and PlaytestAtman Binstock, Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh, Damien Neil, Doug Church, Rod Humble, Frank Lantz, Kellee Santiago, Graham Goring, Robin Hunicke, Karri Kiviluoma, Jason Rohrer
Special Thanks toItalo Calvino, David Lynch, Milorad Pavić, Alan Lightman, Brian Moriarty, Daniel Engber, William L. Laurence
UsesFreeType 2 [for the loading of fonts and text rendering]


Licensed throughMagnatune
"Maenam" byJami Sieber
"Long Past Gone" byJami Sieber
"The Darkening Ground" byJami Sieber
"Tell It By Heart" byJami Sieber
"Downstream" byShira Kammen
"Downstream" based on'O Son do ar', 'Borrela d'Aragon'
"O Son do ar" byBieto Romero
"Borrela d'Aragon" byEric Montbel
"Lullaby Set" (Folk Song) byShira Kammen, Swan
"Romanesca" byCheryl Ann Fulton


LocalisationLizzy Untermann, Steven Garrad, Ricardo Cordoba, Malika Kherfi, Sang Jin Kang, Kyoung Jo Han, Go Komatsu, In Goo Kwon, Atsushi Horiuchi, Robert Lin, Christina Yu, Soo Gyeong Jo, Masato Ishida, Andy Chen, An Liu, Lilia Lee


Management TestsEdward McPherson
MAT TestsTyler Barrett
Tests LeadScott R. Griffiths
TestsJeremy Bento, Stephen Bonaci, Ian T. Doble, Ezra Gould, David Laffranchi, Mark McClarin, Wes McDaniel, Matt Munroe, Matthew Porter, Kelly Shipman, Tristan Yolton

VMC Montreal (PC Version Testing)

Test ManagerAlvi Islamaj
Senior Test LabRasheed Khawaja
Test LeadKevin Chung Chun Choy
PC TesterMarlie Ford

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (118203)