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1999 Eidos game catalogue - Windows (Germany):
    • 3D Echtzeit-Taktikspiel auf Basis des Oscar-preisgekrönten Films "Braveheart" von Mel Gibson
    • Ausgefeilte 3D-Grafik-Engine bringt die gewaltigen, filmgetreuen Schlachten auf den Bildschirm
    • Satelliten-Geländevermessung und Fraktaltechnologie ermöglichen eine geographisch exakte Nachbildung des Schottlands jener Tage
    • Treffen Sie die Charaktere, z.B. William Wallace und Hamish, die ihrem Pendant aus dem Film bis ins Detail nachempfunden sind

    Im Schottland des 13. Jahrhunderts führen Sie Ihren Clan in die Freiheit. Vereinen Sie die Clans, schließen Sie Bündnisse, und führen Sie Ihre Männer in den Kampf gegen die englischen Invasoren.

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Back of Keep Case - Windows, CD Expert covermount (Brazil):

    Muito mais que um grande jogo, um épico inesquecível!

    Reúna seu clã. Os ingleses querem tomar a Escócia, e você, William Wallace, poderoso líder, terá que preparar seu exército para a maior batalha do século XIII.
    Mostre-se digno da lealdade de seus irmãos.
    Defenda seu povo, faça alianças, derrote seus inimigos, participe de cercos a castelos e saqueie aldeias rivais, colocando milhares de guerreiros em combates sangrentos, nos quais estará em jogo a liberdade de uma nação inteira.
    Lembre-se: a Coroa Inglesa precisa ser detida, e só você pode viver a maior lenda da história.
    Coração Valente irá transportá-lo ao universo escocês do século XIII, num incrível game de estratégia em tempo real.

    • Estratégia em tempo real com ações noturnas e diurnas
    • Terrenos reais criados a partir de imagens de satélite
    • Climas diferentes que interferem diretamente nos combates
    • Relações diplomáticas e comerciais

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    Press Release:
      Braveheart Ships!

      Eidos Interactive Ships Braveheart, a Richly Detailed PC Strategy Game Based on the Oscar-Winning Film

      SAN FRANCISCO--Aug. 13, 1999--Fans of in-depth strategy computer games can travel back to 13th Century Scotland and engage in high-pitched tribal clan warfare in Eidos Interactive's PC CD-ROM game Braveheart, on store shelves now.

      The game is inspired by the epic 1995 film which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Like the film, which was directed by and starred Mel Gibson, the game focuses on the struggles of the Scottish rebel warrior William Wallace. The player pursues Wallace's desperate mission to unite the ancient clans of Scotland through battles with the well-armed troops of tyrannical English king Edward I.

      ``The Braveheart license is a perfect match for this richly detailed, story-driven, strategy-combat game,'' commented Mike McGarvey, COO of Eidos Interactive. ``The game quality coupled with the film's passionate following and actor/director Mel Gibson's well known Braveheart character should propel the title to classic status.''

      The new Braveheart CD-ROM mirrors the nationalist passion, desperately brutal battles, political deceit and suspenseful atmosphere of the film. In the game, the movie characters are faithfully modeled; the user will interact with William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Muron, King Edward, Stephen, Hamish and others. Images, dialogue and movie scenes from the Braveheart film will also be interwoven into the game.

      Sanctioned by the Clan Association of Scotland, Braveheart meticulously recreates the struggle of the disbanded clans to unify and reclaim their freedom from the expansionist English forces in 1298.

      Divided and war-torn Scotland is in a state of pure anarchy where the Clans have become bitter rivals over territory and political power and the English are invading the borders. Braveheart combines 3D real-time strategy with human resource management in a fictional re-enactment of this historically tumultuous time.

      The Scottish development team of Red Lemon Studios has impressively reproduced the atmosphere and day-to-day realities of this period of upheaval and hardship. Using satellite terrain mapping and fractal technology, every square mile of Scotland and Northern England is faithfully reproduced.

      The game features all the clans of the era, with the option to lead one of 16 clans. Each has its own territory, population and resources. Elements such as climate, military tactics and economic infrastructure are historically accurate. As leader of a clan, the player must come to terms with all aspects of daily life in the 13th century.

      Braveheart features a highly advanced proprietary 3D engine that emulates day/night phases, seasonal variations, wildlife, geographic landmarks and battlefield warfare. For those who crave action, the combat engine can recreate massive onscreen conflict as depicted in the movie. Combat situations include castle sieges, cavalry clashes and village raids. The 3D models of soldiers are skinned and boned which allows for realistic combat injuries. As battlefield commander, the player decides on the formation and tactics in the fight to carry the day.

      The game is available in stores now.

      Eidos Interactive, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color. Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (Nasdaq:EIDSY - news) with additional offices in San Francisco, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore and Tokyo. For more information on Eidos Interactive's product line visit

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    Unknown Source:
      Some fight for freedom with petitions and pleas... ...others with their lives.

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