Braveheart (Windows)

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Braveheart Credits


Executive ProducerDarren Hedges
Lead ProgrammingAndy Findlay
ProgrammingDoug Day, Nick Donnelly, Neil Goodman, Nigel Kennington, Kevin Lamount, Tim Lowe, Will McGugan
Technical DirectorLaurent Noel
Art DirectorWai Ming Yuen
Graphics / ArtworkJamie Grant, Gareth Hector
3D ModellingMark Adamson
Game ArtMark Adamson
Acting / VoiceoversAngus MacFadyen, John Ree
Special Thanks ToClan Wallace
Lead Quality AssuranceClint Nembhard
CompatibilityJason Walker
MasteringPhil Spencer
Quality AssuranceDaryl Bibby, Steven Didd, David Isherwood, Tyrone O'Neil
Head of ArtMichael Kane

Eidos US

ProducerEric W. Adams
QA ManagerMichael McHale
Quality AssuranceBlair Reynolds, Peter Schmalz, Mike Orenich, Ron Lauron, E. Mark Smith, Clayton Palma, Kenneth Schmidt, Jeremy Hunter
Marketing ManagerKelly Zavislak
PRGary Keith Brubaker, Steve Groll, Heather Hawkins
MarketingKarina Kogan, Lee Wilkinson, Brian Silva
Special ThanksRobert K. Dyer, James Poole, Scott A. Steinberg, Michael R. Kelly, Paul Baldwin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pyrple (653), Darren Hedges (11), Ben Bellina (19), -Chris (7307) and Jason Walker (1744)