Breath of Fire IV Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Windows title screen
Intro video showing the main character, Ryu
Intro video showing Nina, the princess from previous games in the series
Intro video showing one of the dragons in the game
Intro video showing three of the characters in the game
Name your main character... all other characters cannot be named
A dragon is chasing you!! You better hurry!
Nina finds herself in a crater and sees a dragon appear in front of her... look at her shake...
You better put some clothes on!! She's a princess!
Fou-Lu, the first Emperor has awoken...
Fou-Lu can change into a dragon during battle
Here's one of Fou-Lu's attacks (part 1)
Fou-Lu's attack (part 2)... what power!
Your main character, Ryu, can also change into dragons
That's a huge fish! Lots of damage done to it, but it's still flying...
After you meet the fairies, you can build a town with them...set your building types and who does what
Each fairy has stats including age, type (ordinary, odd, diligent, etc), endurance, etc.
Your camp is where you rest and save if you're not in a town
Here you can see the map of the world where you move between places of interest
Handle your characters here
Each character has stats... your main character also shows what dragons he can turn into
For all other characters, you see game stats on their character sheets
Besides turning into a dragon, you can use spells from other dragons as shown here
Now that is a monster! Not only is he powerful, he heals over 1000hp each round automatically!
Fishing in the game is a lot of fun and there are many kinds of fish to catch... use them or trade them for great items and stamps
Catch new records and improve your rating