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BRIDGE! The Construction Game (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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BRIDGE! The Construction Game Credits

ToxSick Labs

Producers  Martin Beyer, Miroslaw Kowalski
GamedesignMartin Beyer, Miroslaw Kowalski
Game ProgrammingMiroslaw Kowalski
GUI ProgrammingMiroslaw Kowalski
C4‑Game Engine byTerathon Software LLC
Newton Game
Additional Engine ProgrammingMiroslaw Kowalski
GUIMartin Beyer, Miroslaw Kowalski
ScenesMartin Beyer
Objects and ItemsMartin Beyer, Sascha Nonn, Frank Poddig
Additional models and textures byDexSoft Multimedia, Sugar3D, CG‑Textures
SoundSven Gerlach, Miroslaw Kowalski
BRIDGE! uses several samples fromthefreesoundproject
Internal Beta TestersMartin Beyer, Miroslaw Kowalski
External Beta TestersThomas Beyer, Ronny Graupner

Aerosoft GmbH

ProductmanagerGunter Zehnel
Sales ManagerSascha Baumhoer
MarketingVanessa Huser
Beta TestersTim Schäfer, Fabian Boulegue, Raphael Jakob, Anton Flichtbeil, Paul Duster, Martin Schmieschek, Kevin Proft

Credits for this game were contributed by Klaster_1 (57971)