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British Open Championship Golf (Windows)

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Electric Playground
With exceptionally clear graphics, (at 640x480, 800x600 and 1024X768 - that don’t take an hour to load, by the way), clear and involving sound, and absolutely superb gameplay, BOCG easily dominates the highly competitive field of computer golf. The only element that I found lacking in BOCG is some semblance of network play. Although you can pit yourself against 3 other human opponents, the game can only played on a single machine.
Lo mejor de este juego es lo cerca que te pone de la realidad de un Open Británico. Tienes la posibilidad, utilizando la pantalla de torneo, de verte metido entre los mejores jugadores del mundo. Además puedes elegir tanto la dificultad del campo como la jornada a partir de la cual deseas comenzar. El campo está perfectamente diseñado. Es mucho más real que los diseños de sus competidores. Los efectos de viento con la bandera moviéndose, de lluvia y de niebla crean un ambiente típico inglés. Tienes la posibilidad de jugar con ocho jugadores de reconocido prestigio mundial, pero en éste simulador, a diferencia de los demás, los profesionales también fallan como el resto de los mortales (si estás en un rough alto, a 30 yardas de green, con la bandera corta, cuesta abajo y con un bunker en medio, no la dejas a menos de 15 yardas ni tu, ni Sandy Lyle, ni nadie). Los efectos que hacen las bolas al cojer viento, al sacarla de un rough muy complicado, o al botar en green, son casi reales.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
British Open Championship Golf represents the first golfing simulation to boast a tournament license. Looking Glass has used that license well. The feel and authentic recreation of being in a tournament are depicted well. If the graphics could live up to the other contenders in the golfing simulation world, it could have had the possibility of taking over the king of the golfing hill. By combining a tournament feel with color commentary, something no other simulations do, British Open Championship Golf scores a hole in one with bringing the British Open to your PC. Hopefully there will be a sequel to this great entry into the golfing genre, something we will just have to wait and see. What would be an ideal golfing simulation would be to combine Links LS graphics, the course architect in Jack Nicklaus 4, Front Page Sports’ True Swing, with British Open Championship Golf’s tournament feel. That would make the best golfing simulation ever!
World Village (Gamer's Zone)
The game is very well presented and designed. It installed and ran with no problems. Any special software needed, such as DirectX (version 3) was included so there was no need to hunt for it. It will be nice to see if other courses are developed for the basic game engine, since it is very well presented on the 2 CD-ROMS that comprise the game. So the next time you are looking for a little history, take a trip to the British Isles. Failing that, grab this game, and get buried in chasing a little white ball all over the English countryside. It is an activity that you will not soon tire of.
Power Play
Sicherlich spielt „British Open“ ganz oben in der Computergolf-Liga mit, auch wenn die Options-Vielfalt und Eleganz eines „Links LS“ nicht erreicht wird. Neben den Standard-Features und den großen Lizenzen erfreuen besonders die Live-Kommentatoren und die klatschenden, manchmal auch tobenden Zuschauermassen des Golfers Herz. Die Möglichkeit. gegen sämtliche Golfgrößen in den British Open zu spielen, ist ebenfalls einzigartig. In einigen Belangen hat Altmeister Rex Bradford allerdings geschludert. So hätte das Putten ein wenig mehr Liebe zum Detail vertragen können, und auch das Grid bietet nicht sofort die Information, die sich der Computergolfer wünscht. Zudem frustriert die Swing-Power-Bar: Nur mit Glück kann der Ball so geschlagen werden, wie gewünscht. Alles in allem ist „British Open Championship Golf“ eine wirkliche Bereicherung des Genres, die durch obige Schwächen den Sprung aufs Treppchen leider nicht schafft, Gelegenheitsgolfern allerdings viel Spaß bringen könnte.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Overall, BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF is a very good simulation of two historic links. Unfortunately, its lack of amenities – true multiplayer modes, course designer, recorded play – in this highly competitive sports genre will ultimately place it further down the leader-board than it otherwise deserves.
British Open Championship Golf is a unique entry into the world of golf sims that is sadly brought down by a few flaws. The last and maybe greatest of these flaws is the absence of multiplayer capabilities, though Looking Glass is working on this now. If the swing worked a little more consistently and putting was handled better, this could have been recommended without hesitation. As it is, it's still a good game with much to offer
PC Jeux
BOC Golf, malgré quelques défauts, reste très agréable à regarder.
Computer Games Magazine
It should also be mentioned that Looking Glass seems committed to patching the product, and a better putting grid would make a world of difference. As it stands now, the strength of this game lies in the course modeled. Listening to what the commentators and the caddy have to say about each hole will give you a deep understanding of the course. For those of you who just want to play some golf, though, Links LS and Jack Nicklaus 4 are better choices.
PC Player (Germany)
Langsam frustrieren mich diese Golfspiele. British Open Championship hat genau das, was ich bei der Konkurrenz vermisse, dafür läuft hier alles andere falsch. Die beiden Kurse sind optisch so ziemlich das Langweiligste, was Golf zu bieten hat. Aber mit den vielen Zuschauern, ja sogar Tribünen und Kamerakränen, fühle ich mich zum ersten Mal wie bei einem echten Turnier. Nur hinkt das Spiel grafisch hinter dem edlen Links LS und auch dem neuen PGA Tour Pro her. Doch viel schlimmer ist der schwer abzuschätzende Swing, sowohl beim Eisen als auch beim Putter - es ist ein reiner Glücksfall, den Ball richtig zu treffen.