Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Nico's face over Paris at night
The first new part of the Director's Cut leads Nico to a famous interview partner
Meeting the wife...
...and the murderer
One of the new close up portraits
Examining the crime scene
Several situations from the original game got one of these close up views, too
The new dialogue system
The new inventory...
...and using an item with drag & drop
One of the new logic puzzles...
...directly followed by another one
Nico does her own investigations...
...which lead to a secret working space
Someone did his research on Nico
A mysterious photo of the murder victim
Nico receives an invitation by a man known by all who played the original game
The newspaper was exclusively drawn for this Director's Cut
All old dialogues are accompanied by character shots
The second new part with Nico leads the player to known places
The new overhead map of Paris
Nico visits the scene of the bombing...
...and bluffs her way into the cafe
Assembling a torn picture
Once again the game shows us a picture of a scene the original game only talked about
The most notorious puzzle of the game was made much simpler. All possible ways to die are gone, too.
The third and last part of the new content leads back to the mansion
The chess puzzle was revised
In Monfaucon George needs to solve a sliding puzzle
Searching bible verses
Opening a locked vault in Spain
Beating the game unlocks a few words by Charles Cecil about the creation of the original game...
...and concept art
These short comic strips get unlocked by finding easter eggs
Intro sequence with an obligatory panorama of Paris - different than the one in the original.
We get to decode some telegrams. Btw, as a certain Polish mathematician said in his book "Mathematical Tales", letter-letter or letter-sign ciphers are the least effective ones - too easy to guess.
More views of Paris in the ending sequence - obligatory Eiffel tower again.
George and Nico on one of the Eiffel tower's terraces.
Sacre-Coeur Basilica is again visible in the distance - it will be closer again in "Broken Sword 5".