Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Credits

Revolution Software Ltd.

DirectorCharles Cecil
ProducerSteve Ince
WritersDave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Lead ProgrammerJames Long
Animation DirectorStephen Oades
ImplementationJames Long, Chris Rea, Patrick Skelton, Tony Warriner
Technical ProgrammingPeter Ellacott, Paul Porter
Tools DevelopmentPeter Ellacott, Chris Rea, David Sykes
Story/DesignCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Jonathan Howard, Steve Ince
Character DesignMat Taylor
Sprite AnimationGary Bendelow, Wayne Billingham, David Birkinshaw, Michael Bowes, Stephen Cavalier, Andi Forster, Simon Garrigan, Paul Humphries, Stephen Oades, Martin Povey, Michael Ryan, Gary Welch
StoryboardsSteve Ince, Nick Martinelli
Paper AnimationRos Allen, Fil Cartoons, Colin Hughes, Sarah Keogh
PosingRos Allen, Mat Taylor, Mark Povey
Cel ColouringCallum Jewitt, Jane Stroud, Geraldine Williams
Background LayoutsAmy Berenz, Neil Breen, Eoghan Cahill, Lee Taylor
Background ColouristsRichard Grey, Jane Stroud
Scene CompositionJane Stroud, Geraldine Williams
Story ConsultantNoirin Carmody
Script and Actor LiasonEdward Hall
MarketingNoirin Carmody
ActorsDennis Chinnery, Flaminia Cinque, Stephanie Clive, Jeff Fletcher, Jenny Hall, Chris Miles, Gary Parker, Rolf Saxon
Sound EffectsHockenbacker
Audio Post ProductionBarrington Pheloung
Sound Effects EditorJonathan Howard
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody


ActorsJohn Johnson
Recorded and Sampled atFlying Dutchman Studios
VIE ProductionStacey Mendoza
Rolling DemoDavid Boyle, Steve Ince

Virgin Interactive Entertainment UK

ProducerMichael Merren
Assistant ProducerAnthony Steven Byus
Executive ProducerJoss Ellis
GafferJulian Lynn-Evans
Stunt Co‑ordinatorSarah Ewing
Premier Party OrganizerDanielle Woodyatt
Chief Design Test SupervisorsDavid Isherwood, David Casey
Sound, Design Testing and SupervisionGary Foley
Design Test SupervisorsDavid Corless, Nana Pameno, Nigel Bragg, Matt Howes, Steven Frazer
Chief HairdresserRon Festejo
QA Effects SupervisorLlewellyn Ligas
Customer Technical AdvisorMatthew Shanley
Make‑upJulie Man
Animal TrainerMarcus Iremonger
Relaxation & BeerThe Lowther


ProducerLou Rios
Product ManagerCory Hudson Jones
Spiritual AdvisorSimon Jeffery
QA DirectorDavid Maxey
QA SupervisorStacey Mendoza
Lead AnalystRobert Dearborn
Product AnalystsGordon L. Madison Jr., Rob Smith, Aaron Lenz, Tim Hall, Timothy Ramage, Peter Cesario, Nick Camerota
Q.A. Technical AnalystsMick Love, Glenn Burtis
Q.A. Media ReplicatorJonathan Gross
U.S. Manual Produced byLisa Marcinko
U.S. Package Art DirectionShawn Markert
Package DesignMoore & Price Design
Package IllustrationCliff Nielsen
Music Composed and Conducted byBarrington Pheloung
Music Arrangement byHeather Lovejoy
Music Technical ArrangementsMatthew Slater
Uses Smacker Video Technology, Copyright © 1994 byInvisible Inc., d.b.a. RAD Software

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