Building & Co Credits


A coproduction ofPalludio Games, Elektrogames, Creative Patterns
With the participation ofthe Centre National de la Cinématographie and the Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie
In partnership withArcelormittal, Saint Gobain, Seimat, Eiffage and the FFB

Edition: Elektrogames

ProductionNorbert Cellier, Alexandre Chivot
CommercialAbrial Da Costa
MarketingFranck Lalane, Philippe Nouhra
ManagementIvan Lebeau
Legal AffairsClaude Amardeil

Delegated Producer: Palludio Games

BTP ExpertiseVincent Cousin, Jacques Allemand, Pierre Martin

Development: Creative Patterns

Project LeaderJean-Michel Stenger
Art ManagerJean-Michel Stenger
Technical ManagerStéphane Becker
Game Design ManagerMartin Kuppe
ProgrammingStéphane Becker, Vincent Adhene, Jérémy Monnon
3D EngineTassilo Philipp
Game DesignMartin Kuppe, Vincent Lalyman
3D SettingsIsabelle Gadbled, Damien Penoit
Characters / MachinesFabrice Weiss
AnimationsFabrice Weiss
2D ElementsJean-Michel Stenger
CinematicsIsabelle Gadbled, Damien Penoit, Fabrice Weiss
SettingsIsabelle Gadbled
ObjectsDamien Penoit
TestersPierre Schneider, Nicolas Brière, Ibrahim Koca, Thiebaud Schmittlin
MusicDominique Rabillier
Sound Effects and Recording StudioOlivier Daric
Introduction Cinematic MusicEric Los

Testing: Bug-Tracker

C.E.O.Antoine Carre
C.O.O.Paquito Hernandez
Studio ManagerJérôme Vu Than
QA SupervisorKaveh Masrour
QA CoordinatorAndrew Lee
Localisation ManagerMathias Reltgen
Localisation TestersMarie-France Morin, Mathieu Picard, Raphael Leduc, Patrick Reuter
Project ManagerStéphane Maltais
Lead TesterOlivier Hubert
TestersDavid Trinco, David Lapointe, Alexandre Drolet-Vives


Executive Vice PresidentRogier W. Smit
Chief Technical OfficerDominique Morel
Production DirectorDominique Morel
Chief Marketing, Licensing & Sales OfficerPierre-Yves Thiercelin
ProducerCoen Neessen
Associate ProducerPoria Torkan
Product Support Services ManagerHoang-Minh Luu
Legal & Production SpecialistMaaike Chanowski
International Sales DirectorLee Shuffield
Sales ManagerRussell Beadle
Marketing ManagerBeco Mulderij
PR ManagerRick van Beem
Logistics ManagerBert Beemsterboer
Junior Product ManagerErik Coenen
Legal CouncilJeroen Zandt
Corporate PR & IR OfficerRobert A. van Duivenbode
Testing TeamStefan Snip, Bram Wijkhuise, Partnertrans
Dtp / LayoutBernhard Doeller

S.C. Quantic Lab S.R.L.

Project ManagerMarius Popa
Lead TesterBogdan Hiriscau (Bebe)
TestersAlin Dorin Hiriscau (Spectator), Flaviu Haitonic (Santa), Claws, Dan Sarmasan (Ww), Ionel, Aurelian Rau (Godzilla), Marius Bodarlau (Fanta), Csaba Barta (Neus), Borconi-Szedressy Teofil
Special Thanks toWillem M. Smit (Chief Executive Officer)

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Norbert Cellier, 28 other games
Stéphane Maltais, 27 other games
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Franck Lalane, 24 other games
Rogier W. Smit, 20 other games
Willem M. Smit, 18 other games
Andrew Lee, 18 other games
Pierre-Yves Thiercelin, 15 other games
Russell Beadle, 15 other games
Fabrice Weiss, 15 other games
Coen Neessen, 15 other games
Abrial Da Costa, 14 other games
Eric Los, 13 other games
Jérôme Vu Than, 13 other games
Bogdan Hiriscau, 11 other games
Rick van Beem, 11 other games
Bernhard Doeller, 11 other games
Poria Torkan, 10 other games
Alin Dorin Hiriscau, 10 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200315)