Bullet Run Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start screen.
As always. All kinds of useless stuff in the marketplace.
Main menu.
Searching for a match.
The art of the loading screen is much better than the actual vestimentary choices of the players.
And he's down.
Everyone's a camper nowadays.
Medigel, best stuff since alcohol.
Caught myself in a great moment.
But I lost with style.
Akimbo style. Love the holograms showing the star players of the match.
Voting for a map.
Guiding the Blastdrone towards the enemy.
The control zone in Dominion.
Sometimes you get 100 bonus health.
Receiving Fame after a match, a form of experience points. This is different from Heat (in-match) and Credits (virtual currency).
Nice scenery on the Vault map.
The Drain map.
Search & Destroy: I win the first round as defender.
Search & Destroy: defusing the bomb.
The maps actually offer a good variety. This is under the Island map.
Not fair!
Amazing, I can see my own body as it drops dead on the floor. Am I in a video game?!
Hunting my prey after a good dose of Endorphex.
Landscape as seen from the top of the tower on the Cactus map.