Bulletstorm Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The loading screen also shows gameplay tips
Gray can run endlessly, there is no tiredness in Bulletstorm.
Walking on the walls in the prologue
The very first enemy
Double tapping the run buttons will result in a slide, a pretty useful trick
All skillshots are listed in a database and can be accessed any second.
Take cover to regenerate ...
Every weapon can be subject to upgrades - charge shot and ammo capacity
... or die.
Enemies do not only walk, they also use gyrocopters.
Sometimes, the player has to perform quick-time events. If done successfully, skillpoints are provided.
Tough dudes are extremely dangerous and also a good opportunity to gain more points than usual.
All that is left from him. The game is very violent.
Mini-guns tend to overheat, so use short bursts for more efficiency.
The scale of destruction is enormous. Check the drill head we are running from!
Rocket flares can temporally blind you.
There are moments where you have to run fast to escape certain places or events.
No, it's not Duke Nukem Forever.
Didn't you always want giant robot dinosaur with lasers?
Headhunter sniper rifle bullets are controlled with the mouse, so this weapon proves itself useful quickly.
1,200 skillpoints combo! Not enough for the 2,000 achievement, though.
Watching the cut-scene
Massacre at the dam
Oh shit, it's going to collapse!
The player is always accompanied by someone and the talking never ends.
Yes, Grayson is drunk. You can drink alcohol in Bulletstorm, but for a fun effect only.
Poisoned by psychic influence gas
When a skillshot is performed for the first time, you receive extra skillpoints.
What a lucky shot!
Quick-time event - free yourself from the flytrap or die.
Boss fight, super mutated flytrap
The game is epic in level proportions.
There are various references to modern Internet lore.
Some enemies can be only destroyed through the environment.
Nothing make eyes happy like a good skillshot combo.
You can only carry three weapons at a time and switch at dropboxes or with barrels.
I got the guy drilled to the ceiling.
The leash cannot only be used for attacking enemies, but also for interaction.