Bully: Scholarship Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
And so it begins.
Changing clothes is important.
Fighting some bullies.
Picking a lock.
Chemistry class involves this rather pointless mini-game.
English class requires the player to build words out of pre-defined letters.
Biology class features animal dissection mini games
Jimmy (right) and his roommate are dressed up for Halloween
Music class requires some very basic rhythm
Interrupting a very involved G&G (Grottos & Gremlins) campaign on the geek's hideout.
One of the many arcade mini-games to be found.
Feeling charitable?
You can fine-tune your bicycle at the shop class.
The immortal wedgie... Go for atomic!
The preceptors can get pretty aggressive when they bust you for truancy.
Collecting snaps for the school yearbook.
Bi-curious much? Jimmy can make out with both boys and girls.
One of the many classic "you drive, I shoot" missions present in every GTA game.
The yearbook. Gotta catch 'em all!
Geography class (which rewards you by uncovering secrets on the world map).
Math class. Useless as always :)
Hitching a ride Marty McFly-style.
Vandalize your teacher's home! Yeah!
Art class intro
The art class itself is a Qix mini-game.
It's nerds vs. jocks in the grandest arena of them all: The dodge-ball court.
Game on!
Bike racing against the greasers.
In your face, pig!
Meet Lola, soon to be the ex-girlfriend of the greaser's leader.
You can't carjack as in GTA, but you can take anyone's bicycle at any time.
The nerd leader requesting your help
Opening up a pigeon for the biology class.