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Burdaloo (Windows)

Burdaloo Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Opening animation
The world map
The area map
Starting level 1
Level 1
I made some burds fly away.
I cleared the level
Friendly Bob's Shop
I'm buying a Can of Paint.
I won an achievement.
I need to match burds until time runs out. Don't let them reach the top of the screen.
I need to clear whatever burd is on top of the list at left.
I am using the paint to clear all the burds of one color.
Area 2
If grumpy Herman appears, you will not be able to slide the rows he is on vertically or horizontally.
I didn't clear the burds before they reached the top.
If you match a group of burds in which one is singing when next to Herman, Herman will leave.
I need to shift the burds until they match the pattern in the bottom left.
If a big Tiny is on a row, I won't be able to slide it off the screen. I can clear them by getting three of any size together.
After each level, you take a picture of the background.