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Burn, Zombie Burn! (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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For ten bucks, Burn Zombie Burn will keep you busy for a while. The game can become addicting especially after one of two good runs with a high score. It’s mindless fun that will keep you playing for a good six hours if not more. It’s a really great pick-up-and-play game. I’d say drop the money on it. You’ll have a blast with the crazy weapons, fast-paced game play, and easy accessibility.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Overall, though, I have to say that the price point is perfect (just $10 on Steam), the download is short (about 300 MB), and the action is fast-paced, fun, and free of any semblance of plot beyond “blast as many zombies as you can.”
In terms of a budget-price shoot 'em up game, Burn Zombie Burn offers a lot more than you would expect. The game is clearly geared toward fun and casual gaming, but there's enough challenge in the hordes of the undead to appeal to most gamers for at least long enough to make the ten bucks worthwhile. If you can get past the occasionally iffy control scheme--again, the tutorial helps a lot with this in terms of getting you used to it--Burn Zombie Burn will be a game that most people will find an enjoyable diversion.
The game is 10 dollars, which seems about right for the maximum amount of enjoyable this game is able to deliver. While it does stop well before becoming terrible in any way it also doesn’t really do any massive favors for itself. People who need another zombie game in their lives to make it through the day will find something to love about this, although for everyone else it is just kind of sad that the nostalgia is way better than the device being used to evoke it.
Burn Zombie Burn is a fun little zombie-shooter with appealing game modes and plenty of action. Unfortunately, the complete lack of multiplayer is a missed opportunity indeed. The game features six maps and three gameplay modes that would feel right at home with a friend shooting it up with you, but sadly that experience is not to be found. Additionally, the spotty control scheme leaves much to be desired, making for an overall lonely experience that doesn’t feel like it should.
There isn't much to do in Burn Zombie Burn! and some of the more frustrating design choices of the developers make this a hard title to recommend. While initially fun, the niggles I have just described turn this into a boring experience in the end, not quite worth your time. In the end, I would advise potential buyers to try the demo first and decide if the rather excellent risk versus reward mechanic is enough to justify the expenses.
Burn Zombie Burn is a great arcade game that is likely to fill a Sunday afternoon when you want to lose yourself and just play something without epic stories or complicated gameplay mechanics. It satisfies your basic high score addiction and looks delightful doing it.