Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate Box Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Welcome to Paradise City (Intro)
Press ignition to start the engine.
Welcome to the Paradise City!
Isn't this GT2400 beauty?
A kiss
Super jump!
Another jump, much higher
Marked man race
Near a lake
Burning the tires.
A new car is unlocked.
I got the Burnout License.
Waiting for online racing.
I was first.
Shots gallery
The game takes a photo from the web camera when a player is taken out.
In-game screensaver
Driver details
Burnout store
Won the race without any damage and got an achievement for it.
The in-game menu for all online activities
The new babies: motorcycles
Trying to beat the highscore on this street.
These screens explain what's up and where you need to drive.
Burnout has a detailed damage model - if you couldn't tell by looking at the shot.
Racin' into the night on the wrong side of the road.
A small part of the game map with all points of interest.
With EA Trax you can flexibly adjust the playlist.
Performing Freeburn challenge with another player.