Butterfly Escape Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu shows the balls rolling down their paths
Select between 3 modes of play
You need to work your way through the levels, freeing butterflies as you go
The help window can pop up before each level, or you can disable it
This little guy shoots the balls for you. Before each level, it will either wave to you or bow to you
The goal is to destroy the ball chain by matching 3 or more balls of the same color
When you destroy some balls in the chain, a space will apear where those balls were and the balls in front of that space will "fall back" against the other balls
Different levels have different looks and some can have special features, such as this underground tunnel, or even objects that block your shots
On some levels, you will have more than 1 ball chain to deal with
Completing levels will give you a quick description of how well you did
The levels where you have to free a butterfly are very different from the rest of the levels
When you free a butterfly, you are told the scientific name for it
The Butterfly Book shows you information about the butterflies you have freed. You can rotate the butterfly to view it from many angles