C-evo Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

City management screen at a very early stage in the game.
It is wise to change the Despotism government form to something else as soon as possible.
The AI eagerly engages in diplomatic efforts early in the game, trying to trade technologies with the player - sometimes, although not very often, to the player's benefit.
Construction options available in a city.
Instead of producing pre-defined units, players have to balance important unit properties themselves. Researching certain technologies allows to design more powerful units.
Those Samurai kinda look like ninjas. Custom names for units are also possible.
Settlers irrigate land, build roads and mines, which is important to boost the cities' economy.
Scientific revolution. Note the change of the interface colours.
As the city is besieged, enemy units block access to the tiles they occupy, hampering production. Luckily the enemy is way behind in terms of technology.
As more technologies become available, separate lists are used for units, structures and wonders.
A Special Commando unit can cross national borders without notice, and scout out the neighbour's lands.