Caesar (Die Gold-Edition) (Windows)

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Caesar (Die Gold-Edition) Credits


Game DevelopmentImpressions Software, David Lester, and many others more
CAESAR - Die Gold-Edition produced byCENDANT Software Deutschland
ConceptFrank Matzke
Project ManagementHolm Siebenborn
RemasteringThomas Dönnecke
Quality AssuranceJosh Mosler
Strategy GuideDas Team; Bühl/Baden
CAESAR III PreviewSierra On‑Line, Bellevue, Alex Constantin, Martin Constantin, Alex Rehmann
InstallationVision Media Engineering; Langen
Package DesignStornfels Werbeagentur GmbH; Langen, Virpi Latva, Quentin Gauhier
Special Thanks toMike Fuller, Mark Howman, Leo Jackstädt, Claudia Kühl, Miriam Nau, Steffi Pranz, and many others more

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