Call of Duty: Black Ops Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting the game. This is the interrogation cell you are held in for the majority of the game.
This screen keeps track of intel you've collected, which offer further insight into the story. It also lists the names of the games chapters.
Each mission begins with a flashback, which have cuts like this. Numbers are very important though in this case, 1945 is referring to the year the next mission takes place in.
This is Viktor Reznov. This guy is kickass, and is pretty important to the plot. Here he is in the prison Vorkuta, telling Mason (The protagonist) about his time in World War II.
This is during Reznov's World War II experience. Dragovich is the main villain of the game, he is on the right. His lackey Kravchenko on the left.
This is Hudson. He is Mason's superior operator. Photo from a flashback prior to playing a level as Hudson.
Here, you are playing as Hudson. You are interrogating a scientist who is getting a throat full of glass here. Ouch.
This guy is as strong as an Ox! (And about half as smart.)
The angry dude opposite of you is Woods, one of your fellow operatives. You and him are being forced to play Russian Roulette.
The game can be pretty brutal at times, though I love how blank this VC soldiers expression is. It's like he doesn't care I just blew his arm off.
Ooh, a Helicopter! Do I get to fly it?
Yay! I do!
This shotgun is loaded with Dragon's Breath rounds, which is why these poor saps are being barbecued.
Editing my MP character. His appearance is customizable based on perks, face paint, and team.
You now have "CoD points" which let you buy new weapons and upgrades. Also, notice my playercard. You can pick a background and make your own emblem.
The main multiplayer menu.
My first kill! I have a custom reticule, which is why my lens has a nuke symbol. Also notice the controls; you can view games you played in the theater.
Now, here's my first death. Got a knife stuck in my throat. :(
A kill from a distance!
Let's see that last kill from the other building. Ouch!
This is an RC-XD. It's a remote controlled death car!
This is what happens when I trigger the RC-XD. Boom!
Playing the Zork game
Examinig pictures, reading files and mails, playing sounds in secret computer to gain information extending the game plot
Consulting with Alicia, your virtual therapist
Get ready to play "Dead Ops Arcade"
Playing the "Dead Ops Arcade" (in Russian)
Menu of "Dead Ops Arcade" (in Russian)
Your score in "Dead Ops Arcade" (in Russian)
These guys are ready to defend the Pentagon from zombies
Shoot another zombie in the Pentagon
Black Ops probably has the best storytelling in the series so far
"Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Voiced by Robert Picardo
Meeting JFK
..and hallucinating