Call of Duty Credits (Windows)

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Call of Duty Credits

Infinity Ward

Engineering LeadJason West
Design LeadZied Rieke
Art LeadJustin Thomas
Animation LeadMichael Boon
ProducerVince Zampella
Development DirectorKen Turner
EngineeringRobert Field, Francesco Gigliotti, Carl Glave, Earl Hammon Jr., Jason West
Additional ProgrammingBryan Kuhn, Mackey McCandlish
Level Design & Game Play ScriptingTodd Alderman, Keith Bell, Steve Fukuda, Preston Glenn, Chad Grenier, Mackey McCandlish, Zied Rieke, Nathan Silvers
ArtBrad Allen, Chris Hassell, Jeff Heath, Paul Jury (Lead 2D), Justin Thomas, Kevin Chen (Concept Art)
Additional ArtDan Moditch, Sloan Anderson
AnimationMichael Boon, Ursula Escher, Chance Glasco, Paul Messerly
Additional AnimationShadows in Darkness
SoundChuck Russom
Additional SoundJack Grillo
System Administrator Bryan Kuhn


CEOGrant Collier
CCOVince Zampella
CTOJason West
Office ManagerJanice Lohr Turner
TestersClifton Cline, Oliver George, Chris Hermans, Matthew Lackowski, Scott Matloff, Gavin McCandlish, David Oberlin
Historical ReferenceMike Philips, Josh Henniger, Dave Santi, and the members of E Company 2/506 PIR 101st Airborne Division of Southern CA 8th Guards Mechanized Corps, the participants of the Camp Gruber Battle of Berlin reenactment of November 2002
Special ThanksRon Doornink, Lawrence Goldberg, Mark Lamia, Laird M. Malamed, Bill Anker, George Rose, Gregory Deutsch, Brian Adams, The Philly place, Gray Matter, John H. Garcia Shelton, Spark, The men and women around the world who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms, we will never forget you

Activision - PRODUCTION

Senior ProducerThaine Lyman
ProducerKen Murphy
Associate ProducersEric Grossman, Daniel Hagerty
Production CoordinatorMatthew Beal
Production TestersPatrick Bowman, Robert Kirschenbaum
Additional ProductionEric W. Adams
Senior Executive ProducerLaird M. Malamed
Vice President, North American StudiosMark Lamia
Executive Vice President, Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg


Voice Casting and DirectionMargaret Tang (Womb Music)
Captain FoleySteven Jay Blum
Sergeant WatersJason Statham
Private ElderGiovanni Ribisi
Sergeant MoodyGregg A. Berger
Captain PriceMichael Gough
Sergeant PavlovMichael Bell
German PA OfficerJames Kevin Ward
Russian Tank CrewNick Jameson
Narrator, AnnouncerNeil Ross
German LoudspeakerDavid Sobolov
Additional VoicesAndré Sogliuzzo, Grant Albrecht, Quinton Flynn, Josh Paskowitz, Earl Boen, Gregg A. Berger, Michael Gough, Michael Bell, James Kevin Ward, Nick Jameson, David Sobolov
Recording, Engineering, Editing, VO Effects DesignRik W. Schaffer (Womb Music)
Voices recorded atSalami Studios and The Castle


Original Musical ScoreMichael Giacchino
"Age of War" (Intro movie) musicJustin Skomarovsky


ScriptwriterMichael Schiffer


Brand ManagerBrad Carraway
Associate Brand ManagerRichard Brest
Director, Global Brand ManagementDavid Pokress
Vice President, Global Brand ManagementDusty Welch
Executive Vice President, Global Brand ManagementKathy Vrabeck
Senior PublicistMichael Mantarro
Director, Corp CommunicationsMichelle Schroder
VP, Trade MarketingTricia Bertero
Director, Trade MarketingJohn Dilullo
Trade Marketing ManagerJulie DeWolf
Business & Legal AffairsGeorge Rose, Gregory Deutsch


Vice President, Creative Services & OperationsDenise Walsh
Creative Marketing DirectorMatthew Stainner
Creative Services ManagerJill Barry
Creative Services Assistant ManagerShelby Yates
Package DesignHamagami/Carroll And Associates
Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC


Senior Vice President European PublishingScott Dodkins
General Manager UKRoger Walkden
Director of Marketing UK/ROEAlison Turner
Head of Publishing ServicesNathalie Ranson
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
Senior Localization Project ManagerTamsin Lucas
Localization Project ManagerSimon Dawes
European Publishing Services CoordinatorTrevor Burrows
Brand ManagerDaleep Chhabria
European Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannersLynne Moss, Victoria Fisher
German LocalizationEffective Media GmbH
French LocalizationExeQuo
Italian & Spanish LocalizationsSynthesis International
Japanese LocalizationKids Station Inc.
Chinese LocalizationUnalis Corporation
Korean LocalizationMEGA Enterprise Co.
Activision Germany - Marketing ManagerStefan Luludes
Activision Germany - PR ManagerBernd Reinartz
Activision Germany - PR ExecutiveJulia Volkmann
Activision Germany - Brand ManagerStefan Seidel
Activision Germany - IT & Web ManagerThorsten Hübschmann
Activision France - Marketing DirectorBernard Sizey
Activision France - Marketing Group ManagerGuillaume Lairan
Activision France - Brand ManagerGautier Ormancey
Activision France - PR ManagerDiane de Domecy


Installer ScriptingJohn Fritts
Installer ProgrammingAndrew Petterson


Project LeadBrad Saavedra
Senior Project LeadMatthew McClure
QA ManagerMarilena Morini
Floor LeadBryan Jury
MP CoordinatorErik Melen
SP CoordinatorPeter Beal
Database ManagerRobert Max Martin, Paul Goldilla
TestersRandolph L. S. d'Amore, Sean Berrett, Kimberly Carrasco, Morrison Chen, Sungwon Choe, Mike Curran, Jay Anthony Franke, Jeff Grant, Dylan Leong, Donald E. Marshall, Keith McClellan, Nathaniel McClure, Aaron Mosny, Sadullah Nader, Soukha Phimpasouk, Maxwell Porter, Michael Radzichovsky, Carlos Ramirez, Rodrick Ripley, Patrick Ryan, Shane Sasaki, Henry Peter Villanueva, Doug Wooten
Network LeadChris Keim Sr.
Compatibility LeadLawrence Wong, Neil Barizo
Compatibility TestersFrancis Jimenez, Skye Stamey
Manager, Code Release GroupTim Vanlaw
Lead, Code Release GroupJefrey Sedivy
CRG TestersDouglas Todd, Michael Restifo, James Call, Gian Derivi Castellanos
Localizations Project LeadPaul Colbert
Night Crew Senior LeadAnthony Hatch Korotko
Night Crew ManagerAdam Hartsfield
Night Crew Floor LeadDennis Crow
Localizations TestersJohn Batshon, Andrew Christy, Chris Dolan, Chris Simon, Michael Hill, Jesse Mooney, John Whang, Danny Yanez
Third Shift ManagerJason Levine
Third Shift TestersRonald Hart, Andrew Liu, Matt Ryder
Manager, Customer SupportBob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc (Phone Support), Michael Hill (E-mail Support), Rob Lim (Information and Escalation Support)
Activision Special ThanksSteve Rosenthal, Peter Muravez, Juan Valdes, Douglas W. Avery, Steven Holmes, Jason Kim, Sam Nouriani, Brelan Duff, Matt Morton, Caryn Law, Brian Pass, Blaine Christine, Ryan Rucinski, Brent Boylen, Joseph Shackelford, Asif Husain, Casey Keefe, Jonathan Moses, Gene Bahng, Glenn Ige, Aaron Gray, Doug Pearson, Daniel Taylor, Eain Bankins, Marc Struhl, Pat Dwyer, James Mayeda, Robert De Palma, David Dalzell, Kevin Kraff, Graeme J. Devine, James Monroe, Ste Cork, David Luntz, Sebastien St-Laurent
CS/QA Special ThanksJim Summers, Jason Wong, Joseph Favazza, Adam Hartsfield, Edward Clune, Nadine Theuzillot, Chad Siedoff, Indra Yee, Marco Scataglini, Joule Middleton, Todd Komesu, Michael Beck, Willie Bolton, John Rosser, Jason Potter, Glenn Vistante, Jennifer Vitiello, Mike Rixford, Tyler Rivers, Nicholas Favazza, Janna Saavedra, Jessica McClure
Chapter Briefing Historical Images and End Game Footage provided by:Edward F. Feuerherd (Athenaeum Productions), Jarett Melville (CineSpark Motion Media)
Introduction Cinematic provided by:Rob Troy (Absinthe Pictures), Lisa Riznikove (Absinthe Pictures), Dan Baker (Absinthe Pictures)

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