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Call of Juarez (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Wanted dead or alive NeoJ (428) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars
Atmospheric wild west shooter with many highs and a few lows Cadorna (190) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.2
Overall MobyScore (35 votes) 4.0

The Press Says

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The Western has been a popular movie genre for quite some time. The makers of this game clearly were longing for that time again as that's where they got their inspiration for this game. Their favorite western movies.
Indeed, there have been so many successful Wild West flicks over the years that you can’t help but wonder why so few games developers have caught on and attempted to take advantage of their blatant popularity. One such developer that has ventured into this sparsely inhabited genre, Techland Studio, obviously wanted to make a game which did justice to the films that inspired it, and what they’ve come up with is a cowboy’s dream!
Juarez is not your Jimmy Stewart western; this is not even your John Wayne western. No one has little stars picked out in rhinestones on their chaps. Nothing is powder pink or sky blue. Absolutely no one says 'Shucks, Howdy!' and if there is a Square-dance it is a very well concealed Easter egg indeed. This is the Sam Pekinpah western, full of the blood and dust of the Eastwood movies from Pale Rider to Unforgiven. The Walton's would be found naked and dead in the charred remains of their Little House fairly quickly in the world of Juarez.
Call of Juarez bietet alles, was einen guten Western-Shooter ausmacht: coole Duelle, eine spannende Story, passende Charaktere und nicht zu vergessen eine hübsche Optik untermalt mit einem passenden Sound. Schade, dass die Billy-Missionen sich sehr eintönig spielen und nach einer längeren Zeit sogar extrem nervig werden, doch dafür sind die Feuergefechte mit Priester Ray umso actionreicher inszeniert. Vielleicht sollten die Entwickler bei ihrem nächsten Projekt (vielleicht die Fortsetzung von CoJ) etwas mehr auf die Performance achten, denn durchschnittlich 30 FPS auf einem Mittelklasse PC mit GeForce 7800 GTX und 2,6 GHz CPU sind einfach zu wenig und teils unspielbar.
Worth Playing
There's enough that works well in Call of Juarez for the PC to distract you from the relatively minor quirks, such as the overly linear game structure. Although it never really feels very restrictive, from start to finish you're basically on one track with very little ability to veer away and do your own thing, and there's hardly any interaction with NPCs outside of the game script. However, the overall effect is a tour de force labor of love from developers who clearly cared, and knew what they were doing, and it's not hard to fully appreciate the end result.
GameStar (Germany)
Als ihmn Call of Juarez gegeben ward ,da konnte er niht mehr ablassen davon. Denn es dürstete ihn zu wissen, wie die Story denn nun ausgehen möge. Und so verschwieg er mit Absicht Details der Handlung, auf dass er jenen ,die nach ihm kommen mögen, nicht die Spannung verderbe. Auch die knallharten Schießereien bereiteten ihm viel Vergnügen, lediglich Kleinigkeiten trübten seinen Spaß: Die begrenzte Zahl von Speicherplätzen hinderten ihn daran, seine Lieblingspassagen erneut zu spielen. Doch darüber blickte er wohlwollend hinweg. Denn es sind die inneren Werte, die dieses Programm zu einem großen machen. Und er sprach: "So gehet hin und kaufet Call of Juarez!"
Cheat Code Central
Call of Juarez does a fascinating job of blending an epic period in history with an already proven gaming genre. It strays here and there, but it is the overall experience that Techland set out to provide, which I feel they have succeeded at tremendously. Simply put, if you are not remotely interested, you may not like this game. However, even if for the slightest inkling of appreciation you question the legends of the West, then this game is for you. From the moment you pop it in until the time your initial run is over, you will continuously hear the Call of Juarez.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Een klein decennium na datum heeft de westernklassieker van LucasArts eindelijk een waardige opvolger. Call of Juarez is sneller, gevarieerder en beter bij de tijd.
PC Gamer UK
This first-person shooter's unannounced surprise brilliance is actually a very Wild West thing. Picture the scene: the PC saloon at midday. Prey on the honky-tonk piano. Quake IV downing whiskey at the bar. Someone walks in. The place freezes: a stranger. Everyone considers him. "Hey," sneers Gun, "your wolves look mighty funny." The stranger turns... and blows the GTA-with-cowboys game away. "Who the hell's that?" someone whispers. It's Call of Juarez. It's the best cowboy game the PC's ever seen.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
De zware systeemvereisten zijn ongeveer het enige dat we kunnen aanmerken op deze titel. Je krijgt in ruil daarvoor wel een geweldige shooter met een physics engine die zelfs naast die van Half-Life 2 niet verbleekt, bloedmooie graphics en een van de beter Westernsfeertjes ooit gezien in een game.
PC Action
Was ist besser als ein cooler Held? Zwei coole Helden! Deshalb übernehmen Sie in diesem Western-Shooter gleich eine Doppelrolle. Montezumas Rache ist grausam. Doch uns geht es hier nicht um Dünnpfiff, denn den finden Sie ja auf den Leserbriefseiten. Es geht um den verschollenen Goldschatz von Juarez. Die Legende besagt, dass es sich dabei um das Lösegeld handelt, dass vor Ewigkeiten für den Azteken-König Montezuma hingeblättert worden war. Die Spanier hatten den mächtigen Thron-Meister entführt und die Hauptstadt Tenochtitlan geplündert.
While not quite realizing its full potential, I found Call of Juarez to be an enjoyable and refreshing shooter experience. The way that the story is set up was fun and new. Those of you looking for a good Western shooter should definitely purchase it.
Überrascht hat mich bei Call of Juarez vor allem, wie eine Grafikengine, die für ein Rallyspiel gedacht war, einen so hübschen Ego-Shooter ermöglicht. Abgesehen von den lieblosen Innenräumen und einigen zu dunklen Nachteinsätzen gehört der Western-Shooter derzeit mit zu den hübschesten PC-Spielen. Das Gameplay kann da leider nicht immer mithalten, speziell die Schleichabschnitte bremsen den Spielfluss ein ums andere Mal und fallen auch dank der ungenauen Steuerung mit der Peitsche etwas zu schwierig aus. Deutlich besser machen es die actionreichen Missionen mit dem Pater. Wenn dieser sich mit unzähligen Feinden eine cool inszenierte Schießerei auf den Straßen einer kleinen Westernstadt oder ein Duell Mann gegen Mann liefert kann es Call of Juarez zeitweilig mit den ganz großen des Genres aufnehmen. Mir persönlich gefällt allerdings Gun im direkten Vergleich der Westernspiele mit seinem offenen Gameplay noch einen Tick besser.
GamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
Call of Juarez stands out for many reasons. First and foremost is its western theme. Considering the nature of the Wild West you’d think that we’d see more games like this instead of all the WW2 shooters that crowd the shelves. But like I said in the beginning, being a western is not what makes Call of Juarez so distinctive. The interesting storytelling approach is amongst the reasons. It’s surprising really how the developers managed to make you love and hate both of the protagonists, depending on who you are playing at the moment. Also having the chance to ride horses while shooting at bandits deserves a mention of its own. The game is not perfect however, and you’ll be reminded of this often enough when playing as Billy.
Absolute Games (
Call of Juarez — торжество формы над содержанием. Оригинальных задумок здесь едва наберется на проходной середнячок, но то, как они поданы, легко перевешивает нехватку количества или качества. Чтобы занять почти пустую нишу на рынке, ни к чему изобретать велосипед. Достаточно просто сделать хороший вестерн.
Good Game
Well I think its great that theres finally a game that succeeds in this genre where others have failed. If you dig western movies you should definitely check this one out. 8/10 from me, soldia.
Call of Juarez ei missään nimessä ole huono peli. Se esittää ohjelmanumeronsa huolella ja tyylillä. Kunnianhimo ei vain riitä uudistamaan show'ta. Jos jaksaa sietää kenttäsuunnittelijan talutushihnassa olemisen, Call of Juarez on hauskaa räiskintää ihan freesissä miljöössä. Harmittaa vain, että se olisi voinut olla paljon enemmänkin.
GameCell UK
Call of Juarez is beautiful in the most part with vegetation that outdoes even Oblivion, and convincing Wild West locations. The sheer variety is enough to keep you playing as if you find a set piece that doesn’t satisfy you, you can be sure that the game will throw something very different your way in the next scene. Perhaps Techland should have put a little more effort into making the stealth sections more entertaining rather than spending so much time modelling hat physics...
PC Games (Germany)
Der Western hat in all seinen Ausprägungen das Kino längst erobert, nun greift er auf Computerspiele über - ein staubiges, aber kein angestaubtes Szenario. Call of Juarez ist neben Gun der zweite Western-Shooter innerhalb von zehn Monaten, wobei die Bezeichnung Shooter nicht ausreicht. Zwar bilden Schießereien den Kern, wenn Reverend Ray einen Auftritt hat, aber die zweite Hälfte bestreiten Sie als Billy, der überwiegend schleicht, Felsen erklimmt, Abgründe überwindet.
Brawl, shoot and duel your way through the Wild West, but don't forget to stop off in the saloons and brothels.
80 (UK)
Call of Juarez makes an inspired design decision, which impacts on the game in such a hugely positive way that I can't work out whether its creators are actually geniuses in terms of understanding gaming psychology or just got incredibly lucky. The case for the former is, pretty much, how good it is and how it makes the game better in just about every way. The case for the latter is how rough and awkward many other sections can be.
games xtreme
It doesn't break any new ground but it treads over the old ground in a good way. It's definitely got a good dose of action and adventure, flipping between Ray and Billy adds tension to the game as you play the pursuer and pursued.
It's hard to reach a verdict that doesn't "smell" of subjectivism. In this case, the lack of alternatives burdens the task even more, and once again I find myself in the "ingrate" posture of sitting between two "bivouacs" ready to set on each other its own reasons. But to avoid the blame cast upon all this critics, I ruthlessly declare: Call of Juarez is the best western FPS I've played, to this date.
Gameguru Mania
Overall, the game itself, while arguably having flaws, is a very refreshing take on the whole first-person shooter genre, which usually equals to shooting aliens in and around some abandoned science facility/space station and so forth. So, if you like first person shooters, westerns and Clint can you not try this out? If you're at least curious, you should try the demo.
PC Powerplay
Auch mit Call of Juarez erfüllt sich mein Wunsch nach dem perfekten Western-Shooter nicht. Ja: Das Spiel hat die richtigen Zutaten wie aufwändige Optik, interessante Charaktere, eine originelle Erzählstruktur und gut inszenierte Schießereien. Trotzdem springt der Funke nicht richtig über. Woran liegt's? Trotz der guten (wenn auch extrem hardwarehungrigen) Technik verbreitet das Spiel eben kein authentisches Westernflair. Charaktere und Levels sehen für mich häufig eher nach Karl-May-Freilichtbühne in Bad Segeberg als nach Clint Eastwoods "Erbarmungslos" aus. Zudem nerven mich Details wie die mega-langen Ladezeiten und die frustirerenden Schleicheinlagen. Unter Strich bleibt ein guter, aber eben kein genialer Western-Shooter.
Je l’aime bien ce petit Call of Juarez. Certes, quelques épisodes de plus et une meilleure optimisation du moteur n’auraient pas été de trop. Ce n’est pas le jeu du siècle mais il fourmille de bonnes idées et propose vraiment une ambiance en béton et quelques passages d’anthologies qui font oublier que les finitions ont été faites à la hache de guerre.
Games TM
Hiding behind barrels and popping out to fire a hot ball of lead into a sleazy varmint's face or lobbing a lamp into a stagecoach and watching the scorched bandits evacuate in panic is about as satisfying as a Western videogame can get, and in moments like these Call of Juarez excels. Just don't expect such a wild ride the entire time.
Tak oto przedstawia się oczekiwany Call of Juarez: jest to dobry, choć schematyczny shooter umiejscowiony na niezbyt wyeksploatowanym Dzikim Zachodzie. Gra ma świetny klimat, dobrą oprawę audio-video... ale brakuje jej tego "czegoś", co pozwoliłoby mi wystawić tej produkcji wyższą ocenę. Giera sprawia świetne pierwsze wrażenie, zarówno w single�u jak i w multi, ale w trakcie rozgrywki wcale nie ewoluuje. Jeśli lubicie Dziki Zachód, chcecie sobie postrzelać z rewolwerów i poczuć klimat westernu, a na dodatek macie lekki nadmiar kasy w portfelu - wybór jest jeden. Zew Juarez.
As ham-fisted and generic as Call of Juarez can be at times, it does enough right to transcend its various issues and turn in a pleasing shooter. It does the Old West motif well, the gunslinging (and bible slinging) are a lot of fun, and the capable multiplayer modes have enough going for them to give the game a bit of staying power. It doesn't quite rise past the ceiling established by other recent western shooters, but it's good, solid fun all around. That said, if you have the choice, you should probably look to the Xbox 360 version. The PC iteration is good, but its lack of content for its price tag and slightly dodgy DX10 support prevent it from being the ideal choice.
Call of Juarez is een goede shooter die je zeker wel een tijdje bezig kan houden. Als je van het Wilde Westen thema houdt, is dit een ideale game. Ik kon echter het gevoel niet onderdrukken dat het eindproduct een beetje afgeraffeld is. Het spel bevat een grote hoeveelheid features, toeters, bellen en andere opties die lang niet allemaal geperfectioneerd zijn. Ze hadden het misschien beter bij een wat minder features kunnen houden en deze wat beter uitvoeren. Helaas heb ik de multiplayer niet kunnen testen, omdat het me niet lukte om in te loggen op de server, maar ik denk niet dat dat veel aan mijn mening zou hebben veranderd. Call of Juarez is een toffe game, leuk voor een paar uurtjes en voor de liefhebbers van het genre, maar geen blijvertje�
Jolt (UK)
For a non triple-A developer to make an FPS such as this is brave, but you can’t help but feel that it’s also a little foolhardy. In their attempts to cram as much into their game as possible to make it stand out, the overall product has suffered. There are a lot of features that feel average, rather than a few genuine unique selling points and a bunch of other stuff that could be improved on in a sequel. Overall Juarez is not a bad FPS, with its unusual setting and unique approach; it’s just not as good as it could have been, suffering as it does from some real wasted potential.
Solid basic shooting mechanics aren't enough to make a passable game good. There are some fun and frantic moments here with Reverend Ray, most memorably the violent last level of Reverend Ray's progression, but overall the level design is a linear letdown. Billy Candle's moments in the sun are even shadier with some sad sneaking and horrific jumping puzzles. Ray and Billy's unending focus attacks, while a good thought, make for an unbalanced play experience. If you're interested in a shooter to bide your time before BioShock, Crysis, BlackSite, and the rest of the this summer/fall's FPSs come along, Call of Juarez might appeal to you, but it's not the Wild West fun we were hoping for.
Good Game
Well I actually think you understated before Jung, that Billy's levels are a pain in the ass. Plus, I think this game doesn't hold much appeal for those not interested in the Wild Wild West. Unfortunately I'm a part of THAT crowd. If it was a flawlessly made game I'd give it more, but its not. 6/10 from me.
Faisant partie des rares FPS essayant de changer de registre en quittant le triptyque Seconde Guerre Mondiale, science-fiction, fantastique, Call Of Juarez avait tout pour plaire. Une ambiance western détonnante, une réalisation convenable, un vrai caractère qui malheureusement s'effacent un peu devant certains écueils difficilement oubliables en tant que joueur. Peu précis dans ses très (trop) nombreuses phases de sauts, assez maladroit dans sa construction et celle de ses personnages et surtout trop dirigiste, le titre de Techland déçoit. Néanmoins, loin d'être un mauvais jeu, il mérite d'être parcouru simplement pour son atmosphère.
Deaf Gamers
With the lack of Wild Western based games available it's a real shame that Call of Juarez doesn't cut the mustard. There's nothing particularly bad about the game (indeed it certainly has its good points) but on the whole it feels disappointing, despite having some aspects of the game that are actually quite impressive. For deaf gamers in particular the stealth elements are going to pose one heck of a challenge (far more challenge than the AI could ever offer) and this is going to make it a game that only the most dedicated should play. If only captions, icons or gauges had been included to make the experience more deaf gamer friendly it would have been a much more pleasant experience for deaf gamers.
With first-person shooters rapidly running out of new ideas, perhaps it's time to look at the underused settings for inspiration. Everyone has nuked an alien in the face or blown up a WWII bunker, but not many have travelled across a dusty landscape with two six-shooters in hand. The Wild West is a much underused setting, and the focus of techland's Call of Juarez. A gap in the market is clearly there, waiting for the right game to come along and claim it for its own, like Call of Duty did for the WWII era. Call of Juarez is certainly an ambitious effort, but in the end is let down by trying to do too much.
Call of Juarez is a game we wanted to like, as it has most of the requisite elements (horse chase, train robbery, mine carts, hidden gold) that we look for in a Western. It's just that the really sloppy platforming and box-moving, which take up a good chunk of the game, puts a big damper on any joy that we might find in shooting up bandits and cowboys. It's sad that the game aspires to be an "Unforgiven" or a "Once Upon A Time In The West" and instead just barely hits "Bonanza."