The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A shot from the introductory video
Main Menu
The artists did an excellent job on the light and shadow effects
The clerk in the Mokteos Hotel, Cairo - one of the few people you'll meet
The hotel's register
Mix me up a tall, cold one bartender!
A dimly lit, strange room in the Museum
Readable items are stored in this wallet
Re-view cut scenes in Cameron's notebook
Cameron, your character
This man has something sinister in mind
Using a flashlight to illuminate a dark space
The Frenchman
Belly up to the bar. At least this bartender talks.
Translate this ancient scroll to solve a puzzle
Cameron must learn how this woman is involved
Greed motivates this man
Eeek! The Pharoah has risen!
There are several timed segments. All can be solved by using the proper inventory item.
Aboard the Wonder of the Nile
Use this vessel to sail to a new location
Entering the tomb of the pharoah
Cameron's Inventory - some items can be combined