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The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness (Windows)

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The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness Credits


Delegate ProducerErwan Kergall
Original IdeaÉdouard Lussan
QA Test SupervisorJacques Chatenet
QA LeadtesterStéphane Depoilly
QA testerAli Cissé

Galilea Multimedia

Game DesignJean Paul Prado
Scenario and DialoguesClemence Jannel, Jean Paul Prado
Set ModellingStephanie Didon-Morel, Adeline Chanquet, David Frappaz
Character ModellingDavid Berlioz
AnimationXavier Lardy, Emmanuel Aubert, David Frappaz, Julien Castillan, Yan Vanderme
ProgrammingJean Baptiste Berlioz
CompositingSelen Cingoz
Production ManagementPhilippe Gaudé, Guy Parmentier, Christian Bardin
Sound ProductionStudio Ambitus ‑ Grenoble
Original MusicYan Volsy
Sound DesignSerge Schmidt, Yan Volsy
MixingLuc Guillot

Studio Innerwaves - Paris

VoicesKim Michelle Broderick, David Gasman, Christina Bateman, Leslie Clack, Paul Bandey
ManagementSylvain Chapuis

Wanadoo Edition

Editorial and ProductionVincent Berlioz, Édouard Lussan, David Hartley, Erwan Kergall, Céline Païva
LocalizationFanny Jacob, Franck Abitbol
TestsJacques Chatenet, Daniel Doan, Terry Chatenet
MarketingOlivier Pierre, Aline Gugliermina, Ingrid Bermont, Caroline Maillois, Manuela Roch, Laurent Vittoz, Cecile Simon
InternationalChristelle Chandavoine, Arnaud Gresoviac, Alexis Gresoviac, Marie-Josée Limacher, Olivier Pierre, Irène Toporkoff-Mayer, Marie-Christine Vaz
CommunicationInès Pauly, Philippe Rodier
Package DesignRob Pace
TestBug Tracker

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