"Captain Speaking" Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Captain Speaking makes use of the Adventure Text Display module. It appears when the simulator is first loaded and can be a bit of a surprise.
The player must first load the simulator and then select a flight from the library. All Captain Speaking flights begin with CS
After choosing the flight the corresponding Adventure must also be selected
The Captain Speaking Adventures are filed in the flight simulator's library under 'Other'
The Adventures have pre-flight briefings in English, German & French
Once selected the Adventure must be loaded by the simulator. A message at the top of the screen shows this is in progress.
The player is first given the option of two airlines. This does not affect the chosen plane or its livery just the ATC conversations
There's also a choice of languages. Sometimes these can be the same, however the options result in different voices being used.
The flight between Marseilles & Bordeaux is in a turboprop plane. Here the languages available, and the airlines, are different.
These messages are displayed via the Adventure Text Display module. Its window is supressed via a menu option. Here it's saying that to start, the player must press CTRL/W
Whatever plane is being flown the pilot will make heavy use of their radio stack, here the frequency is being changed to the ATC frequency that gives clearance for take-off