Caribbean Riddle Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Opening story
The game map
Level: Setting Sails. I have already cleared three tiles.
After matching five elements, you get a sea star that will clear an entire row and column.
After matching four elements, you get a crab that will clear an entire row.
Clearing a row with the crab.
Now I need to get the chest to the bottom to clear this level.
Scores after the level is cleared.
If you get enough matches in a row, you can get a snowflake that can freeze the clock.
Freeze, you clock!
After enough levels, you get this bonus level. I need to click the tiles to flip them over to find matching fish.
Those don't match.
I found two that match.
Now I get a power-up. This, when used, will destroy the tile I select and a straight row at an angle.
I will use the electric eel (really, an electric ray).
These elements have been battened down. To break the ropes, I need to match the elements.
Using the shuffle option.
I have a new power-up, the shell. Whatever element I place that on will be destroyed everywhere on the board.